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Dessert Talk

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Herme Fleur de Cassis

Beautiful Desserts

Check out our blog post on beautiful cakes that please both mouth and eye. Learn about three pastry chefs making cakes that are almost too beautiful to eat...
Cinco de Mayo Blog Image. Image du blog Cinco de Mayo.

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo desserts mean traditional Mexican desserts like churros and rice pudding. Read more about the margarita dessert options in our new blog post...
Religieuse Blog Image. Image du blog religieuse.


The religieuse dessert is a type of éclair choux pastry filled with plenty of crème pâtissière and looks like a nun! Or is it a Pope's hat? Help us decide...
Desserts With Flowers Blog Image. Image du blog fleurs comestibles.

Desserts With Flowers

Take a look at all the edible flowers you could be enjoying in desserts eg. lemon lavender cake - Learn how fragrant flowers are more than a decoration...
Lent Blog Image. Image du blog pour carême.


Looking for chocolate-free desserts motivation for this Lent? Our new blog post explores ways to keep going and maintain your self-discipline until Easter...
Sugar Shack Blog Post. Image du blog cabane à sucre.

It’s Time for Sugar Shack

Did you know there’s a maple syrup flavour wheel? Read our latest Sugar Shack blog post to see it and learn more about our First Nations syrup production...
Banana Bread Blog Image. Image du blog pain aux bananes.

A Classic Banana Bread Cake

Are you afraid your banana bread might be explosive? See how this town called in the bomb squad to deal with the dilemma in our latest dessert blog post...
Croissants Blog Image. Image du blog croissants.

Flaky Butter Croissants

Making flaky and butter croissants can be hard, but we know a sneaky life hack that's going to save you hours. Find out how in our new pastry blog post...
Chocolate Cake Blog Image. Image du blog gâteau au chocolat.

Chocolate Cake: Find Your Type!

Think hard and tell us, does the name Bruce Bogtrotter ring any chocolate cake bells? Check out our new blog post and remember why kids love him so much...
Bundt Cake Blog Image. Image du Blog gâteau Bundt.

Bundt Cake Origins

Today, Bundt cakes are drizzled with syrup and dusted with powder, but you’ll never guess what early versions of this cake used to be decorated with during medieval times...
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