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Choose Your Easter Movie Based on Your Favourite Easter Dessert

2022-04-15   ◆   4 minutes read

Don’t waste any time deciding what Easter movie to watch after your egg hunt. Dessert Advisor can help you in the way all good decisions are resolved: with desserts, of course! If you have a favourite Easter dessert in mind, check out which movie we’ve paired it with below. Get right to eating those sweets and enjoying these gems.

Chocolate Bunny

What a classic character of the egg hunt! This Easter chocolate first appeared in the 19th century and now chocolate bunnies come in all the chocolate flavours of the rainbow. They have vibes anywhere from regal to downright silly. You can’t go wrong! That’s why we recommend you pair your chocolate bunny with It’s the Great Beagle, Charlie Brown from 1974. All the Peanuts characters come together to celebrate Easter in this Emmy-nominated, kid friendly TV special. It’s an easy pick that will get everyone chuckling.

Charlie Brown Movie
Chocolate bunny
Chocolate bunny (Leonidas)

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are spicy and sweet breads that usually contain raisins. They are known for bearing an indented cross on top of them, which was initially done to represent the crucifixion. In the 14th century they were given to lower class and houseless populations on Easter Weekend. Our suggestion for what to watch with some warm hot cross buns? Steel Magnolias! This movie has a star-studded cast including Julia Roberts and Dolly Parton. It covers a brief peek into the lives of six women in a small town. Steel Magnolias is a comedy, but it covers all sorts of difficult and rewarding themes, such as death and rebirth. Make sure to get your hot cross buns out at the end, when there’s an adorably shot Easter egg hunt.

Steel Magnolia Movie
Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns (Sophia’s Kitchen)

Candy Coated Chocolate Eggs

Much like a chocolate bunny, candy-coated eggs are a staple of Easter desserts. Perched on decorative grass for the egg hunt, they are as aesthetic as they are delicious! What Easter movie could possibly capture all the colour, fun, and timelessness of candy coated chocolate eggs? Well that’s easy: Easter Parade of course! Judy Garland and Fred Astaire light up the screen in this 1948 technicolour musical. This film follows a pair of dancers looking for fame, so it’s especially filled to the brim with musical numbers. Go ahead, indulge in some cute, colourful treats with this cute, colourful classic.

Easter Parade Movie
Chocolate Eggs
Candy coated chocolate eggs (Walmart)

Folare de Pascoa

Portuguese Easter bread (or folare de pascoa) is a unique dessert that is hugely popular in Portugal as well as Hawaii. Similar to hot cross buns, folare de pascoa is baked with a cross on top, nodding to its religious history. It is a sweet bread that is enjoyed throughout the year, but makes a special appearance on Easter. What’s so special about it on this holiday, you may ask? At Easter, folare de pascoa is baked with entire hard boiled eggs inside. If you’re excited about whole eggs in unconventional places this weekend, you should check out Here Comes Peter Cottontail. The successor to the Easter Bunny is the protagonist in this stop motion TV special from 1971. Peter Cottontail must go on adventures to convince colourful characters to enjoy Easter eggs for every holiday. Embrace more eggs in your life! It’s the perfect sweet, comforting film to watch with this special bread.

Peter Cottontail Movie
Easter desserts blog image. Image du blogue de desserts de Pâques.
Portuguese Easter Bread (Zesty South Indian Kitchen)

Jordan Almonds 

Jordan Almonds actually have two festivities they frequent: Easter and weddings. This might be because of their amusing colours and low cost. But it is said that another reason for their presence at weddings is that Jordan Almonds are aphrodisiacs. So, what better movie to pair them with than Lasse Hallström’s comedy-drama, Chocolat? Starring Juliette Binoche and featuring Johnny Depp, this film follows a woman and her daughter who move to a small town and open a chocolaterie, just in time for Lent. The chocolate in this movie represents the pleasure and humanity that the townspeople are abstaining from. It is the perfect accompaniment to the pleasure of Jordan Almonds.

Chocolat Movie
Jordan Almonds
Jordan almonds (Ubuy)


Capirotada is a spicy Mexican bread pudding served traditionally on Good Friday. It is made by soaking toasted bolilo (similar to french bread) with clove and cinnamon sticks in piloncilo (cane sugar syrup). This combination makes it sweet, delicious, and spicy. If you want a well-loved and nostalgic Easter dessert like Capirotada, La vida de nuestro señor Jesucristo is a great choice for you. It is a 1986 Mexican trilogy that follows the entire life of Jesus. Its popularity resulted from yearly TV airings that reached most parts of Mexico. For our Easter purposes, the third and maybe second films would be the most relevant. But if you have enough Capirotada, why not make it a marathon?

Christ Movie
Capirotada (The Caro-Chela Project)


The internet can agree that Peeps are cute… but that’s pretty much where the consensus ends. Peeps are chick-shaped marshmallows that don’t seem controversial on the surface. But the line between genuinely hating peeps and hating them “for the meme” has become very thin. Here at Dessert Advisor, we don’t judge desserts; let your Peeps flag fly high! If you’re hiding from the internet this Sunday with your favourite fluffy marshmallow, why don’t you enjoy them with another controversial piece: Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The British comedy troupe, Monty Python, released this film in 1979 and it’s become both well loved and widely hated. It follows Jesus’ neighbour, Brian, who is repeatedly mistaken for Jesus up until the events that lead to Easter (no spoilers!). A film steeped in silliness and met with controversy is the perfect accoutrement for the most oppositional dessert on this list.

Life of Brian Movie
Peeps (Debs Here)

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans are not a once a year candy, but they sure do lighten up an Easter basket! Sweet, chewy, and every colour of the rainbow, what’s not to love about these egg-like sweets? If you’re into treats without a holiday spin, we recommend choosing Rebel Without a Cause for your Easter movie this year. James Dean’s final role was celebrated in this 1955 film that has since become historic for its portrayal of generation divides. Although it is most definitely a film enjoyed year round, Rebel Without a Cause actually opens its story on Easter Sunday. A sneakily festive nod to your sneakily festive treats.

James Dean Movie
Jelly beans (The Things)

Simnel Cake

Simnel cake is a fruitcake popular in areas such as the United Kingdom, and Ireland. It is known for having eleven marzipan balls circling the top, and one in the centre. Each ball in the circle represents an apostle (i.e., the chief disciples of Jesus Christ, not including Judas Iscariot), and the one in the centre represents Jesus. Simnel cake is the perfect dessert to enjoy while watching Jesus Christ Superstar. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice wrote this musical and it was first released as a film in 1973. The story is loosely based on the apostles’ accounts of The Passion, but was modernised in its design, slang, and ideals. Judas is a central figure, and the musical debates his role in the story. Enjoy all the marzipan balls your heart desires while you sing along with this rockin’ opera.

JC Superstar Movie
Simnel Cake
Simnel Cake (Dukeshill)


Known also as the Ukrainian Easter bread, paska is a fluffy braided sweet bread that is popular on Easter Sunday in eastern Europe. Paska traditionally was brought to Easter mass in a basket, and then blessed before being enjoyed by the whole family. If the idea of going on a journey with your dessert is appealing, we think you should try watching the 2011 animated/live action film, Hop. Follow the Easter Bunny’s son, deciding to pursue his own passions, and heading from Easter Island to LA to become a drummer. Hop has heart warming themes of family and following your dreams, and is sure to pair well with some sweet warm paska.

Chipmunk Easter Movie
Paska (The Spruce Eats)

Mini Versions of Chocolate Bars

Here’s a question for you: Did you really find mini versions of chocolate bars in your Easter egg hunt, or was it just expired Halloween desserts from behind the couch? Either way, if this candy is what you’re sporting this spring holiday, maybe the horror anthology film, Holidays is for you. We won’t go into gorey detail, but the beyond chilling Easter short film in the anthology, directed by Nicholas McCarthy, is macabre yet festive. It is sure to tide you and your tiny chocolate bars over until next Halloween.

Holidays Movie
Mini Chocolate Bars
Mini Chocolate Bars (Amazon)

No matter what all your plans are for this weekend, we hope you get to enjoy some delicious Easter desserts. And now that you know which Easter movie to watch, all you have to do is wait for that Bunny to bring your treats! Make sure to enjoy your sweets and movies, and have a Happy and safe Easter!

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