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Dessert Advisor Privacy Policy

Effective: April 2, 2020

First and foremostly, thank you for taking the time to click on the Dessert Advisor Privacy Policy. 

It means you are concerned with the personal information you share with us, and we are here to reassure you that you are in good hands. We have put a lot of thought into it and we are committed to ensuring that we respect your privacy every time you visit our website and use our services. Please review this Policy carefully to familiarize yourself with our privacy practices.

We operate a digital service that provides our guests and visitors with recommendations for dessert, bread, snacks and more. In this Policy, these are collectively referred to as our Services.

Our Services are owned and operated by Asset Worth, Inc. Every time you visit our website and related applications with the intention of using our Services, whether on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or similar device (these are all referred to as a “Device”), you are accepting the practices we describe below.

As we operate in a number of countries, the laws and customs differ. One of the intentions of this Policy is to provide an overview of our privacy practices that is general in nature. It follows, if you are unable to find an explicit reference to your specific country, we are putting into practise the same general privacy rules to you. We will continue to do so until we complete our study on how to implement compliance with every specific country.

We are committed to sharing relevant content through the use of our Services, and we are respectful of the various data privacy laws of the different jurisdictions in which we operate our Services. We use the information you share with us with the aim to help you better enjoy our Services in the following ways:

  • Register and manage your account
  • Facilitate your various orders and requests. This includes questions, disputes, and troubleshooting. 
  • Enable us to publish your reviews, photos, and other Services related content
  • Determine preferences and interest via surveys and market research and improve our Services
  • Notification concerning relevant special offers and products or services available from us, from our affiliates, or our partners
  • General communication between registered users, business owners and representatives of businesses that contribute to our Services
  • Customize your experience, which includes the use of ads on our Services
  • Prevent potentially prohibited and/or unlawful activities, thus enforcing our terms of use


It is important to note, some information about you is necessary in order for us to provide the most relevant offerings from us, our affiliates, and our partners. Further, sharing this information allows us to customize your experience and to enable you to enjoy other benefits of being a registered user.

When you access or use the Services we offer to you, we are collecting various information from and about you in order to provide a more personalized and a more relevant experience. Some of this information we are able to collect automatically. Other information we are able to collect from varying sources, which include affiliated entities, business partners, and alternative independent third-party sources. Regarding access and use of our Services by “clicking-through” via third-party sites, or when visiting third-party sites by way of our Services, those third-party sites may choose to share your information with us about use of their own service. Information collected from our Services may include:

  • Contact information, not limited to name, phone number, postal address and email address
  • Billing or payment information (this generally includes your credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, CCV or authentication code, and your billing address)
  • Both username and password
  • Photos, reviews, and content such as social posts you may have provided to us
  • Geolocation information
  • Device information, for example while accessing to the Services we provide, and information which relates to the specific Device used for the action (this information includes IP address, the operating system or browser used, the preferred languages, any unique Device identifiers, and also advertising identifiers)
  • Online activity, which includes pages you have visited, content you have reviewed, and any apps you have also reviewed
  • Your purchasing history
  • Information concerning your preferences

In circumstances where you have provided it, we may also collect information regarding others you interact with. This may include their email addresses and other information relating to similar Services. It is important to note, if you decide to share information with us which concerns other individuals, and the data belonging to other individuals, we recommend you first obtain their consent. 

Additionally, we may collect personal location information if you have previously instructed your Device to share this information via the specific privacy settings within that Device. This applies to location information provided when uploading photos that are tagged with specific location information. We may use this location information directly and/or more indirectly by sharing your location with third parties. We collect and share this location information with the aim to provide to you content that is relevant through the analysis of the way you use our Services.Our goal is to improve our Services and to have the option and ability to provide contextual advertising in addition to recommendations to show you reviews of places within close proximity to you.

The design of every Device allows individuals to adjust the privacy settings of Devices at any time in order to turn off the above mentioned functionality, which has the purpose of collecting and sharing location information and/or the functionality to tag photos and publicly indicate location information. Be mindful that turning off location-sharing on a particular Device may affect certain Service features on offer. For help with questions regarding the privacy settings of your specific Device, we refer you back to the manufacturer of your Device, and in some cases your mobile service provider.

Our section on Cookies, which is located below, will contain more information regarding the use of cookies and choices relating to other technology described in this section.

Our aim is for you to have seamless access to our Services. To help us, we employ cookies and similar technologies to improve your experience,  enhance site security, and tailor relevant advertising.

Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your Device when you visit most websites. Ordered and arranged by your internet browser, they contain basic information about your internet use, for example, remembering your username and password for you. Your browser sends these cookies back to a website every time you revisit it. This allows for fast recognition of your Device and, as a result, an improved experience by providing this personalized content.

In order to provide some of our Services, we may need to share information with third parties in the following circumstances:

  • Our Group of Companies. We share information with companies operating in our corporate family so we are able to provide you with relevant information regarding products and services, which may be of interest to you. These companies and websites comply with this Policy along with all applicable laws which govern the transmission of such promotional communications.
  • Our Suppliers. We share information with certain suppliers deemed necessary in order for us to operate our Services. This includes assistance with transactions, for example, sharing data with a bakery if you make an order using our Services.
  • Our Business Partners. We may share information about you, your Devices, and the use of our Services with our trusted and verified business partners. For example, we may share information so that we can provide you with relevant content, or, we may share information so as to enable payment for various products or services you may purchase on the websites of our partners. Generally, this type of sharing is pursuant to written agreements including confidentiality, privacy, and in addition to security obligations. It must be noted, we do not control the privacy practices of these third-party business partners.
  • Other Social Media Sites. When you use our Services, you are volunteering to share information with third-party social media sites. The information you share is governed by the privacy policies of the various social media sites, and the privacy settings you have agreed to with those social media applications and websites.
  • Other Advertising Networks. Occasionally, we collect and share information about your preferences with advertising networks. Some of these companies are members of the Network Advertising Initiative or the Digital Advertising Alliance, who offer a single location in which to opt-out of the ad targeting from member companies. More information is available here.
  • Other third parties, such as referring websites. Third parties may also assist us in collecting information. One example concerns the operating features of our website, and/or the delivery of online advertising tailored to your interests. We may share other information such as audience segments with third parties and referring websites that use that information for customized advertising.

We must note, certain Device operating systems, or versions of their systems, allow you the ability to opt-out of certain types of information sharing, which includes certain advertising networks. We advise you to refer to your own Device settings in order to limit such tracking.

This section concerns your choices relating to the collection and use of your information. You have options with respect to the collection of and the use of your information. As a user, you have the ability to access, update, and discontinue your account by visiting the Dessert Advisor Profile page on our website. 

Your options:

  • You may choose the way in which we communicate with you. You may choose not to provide us with certain information, although we note, it may be necessary to provide certain information in order to take advantage of certain features made available with our Services.
  • You may block or prevent the collection of geolocation information, but be aware that turning off such location sharing capabilities may affect the function of certain features of our Services.
  • You may also add or update information and discontinue or close your account. If you choose to close your account, we will cooperate by deactivating your account and removing your profile information from active view. We may retain some information which is associated with your account (this includes past transactions) for internal purposes including backups, fraud prevention, dispute resolution, investigations, and legal compliance for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Policy.
  • As a registered user, you may modify your marketing subscriptions at any point in time, within your registered account. This includes email subscription choices. You also will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from any electronic messages we communicate to you.

Copies of your information will be retained for as long as you maintain your account, or as necessary in connection with the purposes set out in this Policy, unless applicable law demands a longer period of retention. In addition, we may retain your information for the duration of any such period necessary to establish, exercise, or defend any legal rights.

We are a company operating in a variety of jurisdictions. If we transfer the information you share with us to other countries, we will respectfully use and protect that information as outlined in this Policy and in accordance with applicable law.

To protect the information you share with us, we have implemented the appropriate administrative, technical, and physical security procedures.

Your personal information is only accessed by specifically authorized employees permitted to carry out business functions only. Encryption is used to transmit your information between your system and our system, and further, between our system and those systems of the third-parties with whom we share appropriate information. Firewalls and intrusion detection systems are employed to help prevent unauthorized access to your information.Note, we cannot guarantee the security of information from unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, or other circumstances outside of our control.

To date, our website is not designed to currently respond to “Do Not Track” (“DNT”) signal requests from browsers. This is due to the lack of global standardized interpretation that defines “Do Not Track” signals. Once the industry standards have been determined in relation to this issue, only then may we have the opportunity to re-evaluate this approach.

We may update this Policy in the future. Any significant changes will be communicated to you by placing a notice on the website and/or posting an updated Policy on the website. The top of this Statement will indicate when it was most recently updated. You are welcome to, and we encourage you, to check back from time to time and review the most current version of this Policy for the latest information on our privacy practices.

If you have a data privacy request, such as a request to delete or access your data, please use the dedicated functions that are available on this site.  For general data privacy inquiries or questions concerning our Dessert Advisor Privacy Policy, please contact our privacy team by clicking here.

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