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Any Cheese Board Idea is a Good One!

2020-06-04   ◆   2 minutes read

Next time you bring dessert for a potluck, would you consider proposing a cheese board idea? Cheese boards are a delectable way to express your creativity and share in an experience with your friends! But don’t worry if all the fancy cheeses, vegan cheeses, crackers, and dried fruits sound intimidating. A cheese platter allows you to serve options for everyone to enjoy. And when it comes to cheese, just remember you can’t go wrong. So, let’s jump into why cheese makes such a fantastic dessert!

Several different types of cheese on a stone board. Plusieurs types de fromage sur une planche en pierre.

Although there are a plethora of sweet cheese desserts to choose from, today we’ll be diving into the classic cheese platter. It’s difficult to say where the cheese board idea came from, as it seems to have always been something people loved. Serving cheese as a dessert is quite common in most European countries. It is presented as an additional course between dinner and dessert (i.e., the French way) or even as an entire dessert course (i.e., the British way). Thankfully this idea has spread to the rest of the world, and you can increasingly find cheese and cheese platters on the dessert menu in restaurants and cafés.


Got a Cheese Board Idea?

The first thing to consider when preparing your platter is where to find your cheese. If you have a local shop specialising in cheese or charcuterie, the people there can help you. They are experts in taste profiles and pairing cheeses, and they may even let you sample before buying! Some even have other accoutrements for your board like the jams, meats, and fruits. One thing to consider with a small local cheese shop is that they may not offer vegan cheese. If you want to be more inclusive and considerate in that regard, a health or natural food store may have what you’re looking for. However, if you’re limited to your local grocery store, there’s no need to panic. You can still gather a fantastic array of cheese; it’ll just mean thinking outside the box!

Cheese sampling
Tasting cheese before jumping in (Say Cheese Fromagerie)

When deciding on what cheese to include, don’t feel you need to purchase only fancy, world-renowned cheese. Including the basics in a cheese board is a tried and true way to make everyone happy. But try to explore outside your comfort zone for the sake of the adventure! An assortment of hard and soft cheeses covers the bases of the cheese board idea and means potluckers may find a new favourite. Not everyone will love the more eccentric cheeses, but maybe it will make someone’s day.

This same principle applies to what the cheese is made from. Keep your cheeses varied with a selection of goat, cow, and sheep cheeses. And don’t forget about the vegans! Vegan cheese offers a wide selection of interesting options, including nuts, soy, and even coconut-based! You could almost make your whole platter vegan with all the possibilities out there.

Vegan cheese board with a wide variety of options. Plateau de fromage végétalien avec une grande variété d’options.
Vegan cheese board (Dolly and Oatmeal)

How Should You Present Your Masterpiece Platter?

When it comes to the presentation, an odd number of cheeses (3-5 cheeses) is the most aesthetically pleasing. And in terms of taste, the cheeses should be arranged and consumed in order from delicate to powerful tastes. For example, noticing the intricacies of a mild cheese’s flavor becomes increasingly difficult once you’ve had something strong like a blue cheese.

And don’t forget about bread and crackers! They add a lot to the overall experience. Ones with dried fruit and strong tastes will go well with a soft brie, but make sure to provide something neutral like water biscuits or crackers for pairing with the stronger cheeses. If you want to include fruits, nuts, conserves, or honey, they will make excellent pairings with the various cheeses. Your fellow guests will surely appreciate any bonus treats accompanying your carefully considered cheeses.

Cheese Board at a Wedding
Cheese platter served at a wedding (Sweet Cravings)

Whatever you do, make sure to have fun with it. Build a cheese board idea that is fit for a mouse king! And an aesthetic presentation will ensure your friends will enjoy this regal treat. Until next time, dear dessert friends!

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