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Cheese Desserts for Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

2020-11-18   ◆   2 minutes read

The world celebrates Mickey Mouse’s birthday every November.Though we found several Mickey references for “Hot dogs, hot dogs!”, we couldn’t find any specific desserts the glove-wearing mouse might approve of. As a result, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to discuss cheese desserts. Cliche, we know. But what a great excuse to look at three of the most popular dessert cheeses: mascarpone, ricotta, and cream cheese!



The first of the three cheeses we will look at is thought to have been created around the 1600s just south of Milan. Manufacturers make this soft cheese by simply adding acids to cream. It’s incredibly easy to spread and as a result, it makes a perfect substitute for whipped cream.

Pairing well with sweet ingredients, the most popular use for the luxuriously creamy mascarpone has to be the famous tiramisu. We also see mascarpone used in parfaits, cheesecakes, and mousse, which is not to be confused with mouse. You can tell the two apart quite easily. The first one is usually found in strawberry or chocolate form. The other one we tend to see in red shorts and big yellow shoes…

To find fresh mascarpone desserts near you look here, and for versions of tiramisu near you, we suggest these.



While mascarpone is made with cream, its cousin ricotta is made with milk and cream (mostly from
sheep, cows, and goats). Apparently ricotta’s creation dates back to 3000-1200 BC, but it wasn’t until much later, around the 5th century BCE, when the Ancient Greeks started using it in early versions of the cheesecake drizzled with honey. Arguably, cheesecake is the most popular dessert that springs to mind when someone mentions cheese desserts.But did you know some Italian-style cheesecakes combine both ricotta and mascarpone?

Staying in Italy, another dessert suitable for Mickey Mouse’s birthday could be the crunchy and creamy ricotta-filled cannoli. A staple in Sicily, the little deep fried tubes usually include chocolate chips or crushed pistachios for extra crunch. Some cannoli can even be as long as 19cm!

We can also add ricotta to cakes and pancakes, which helps to make them more light and fluffy. For a complete list of ricotta desserts near you, look here.



The last of the cheeses we will discuss today is also made from milk and cream. Early mentions of it come from England in the 1580s and France in the 1650s.We often find it in cheesecakes, hummingbird cakes, carrot cakes, and red velvet cakes. The most popular association with cream cheese has to be that with the US city of Philadelphia. But if Philadelphia Cream Cheese is actually made in Beaver Dam, WI and Lowville, NY, what’s behind its name? It has to do with a marketing strategy during the 1880s, when Philadelphia was synonymous with quality dairy products. Kraft merely adopted the name Philadelphia in an attempt to promote the new cheese!

Compared to the other cheeses, cream cheese appears to have the strictest rules depending on which country it’s made in. According to the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations, cream cheese here must contain at least 30% milk fat and a maximum of 55% moisture. To the average consumer, this is no big deal, as long as we can still find cream cheese desserts near us!

To conclude our cheese desserts post for Mickey Mouse’s birthday, let’s not forget the savoury dessert options out there. Before we go, we’ll leave you with some after dinner cheeses near you. These are also entirely acceptable for celebrating the Disney hero’s 92nd birthday.

Mickey Mouse Cheese Desserts Blog Image. Image du Blog Mickey Mouse et Desserts au Fromage.

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