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Discover the Types of Cheese for National Cheese Lover’s Day!

2022-01-21   ◆   3 minutes read

Life is gouda because… it’s National Cheese Lover’s day (January 20)! On this brie-lliant day, we will explore the types of cheese that every cheese lover should know. All cheese lovers get to celebrate the creamiest and flavourful dairy product, cheese! Grab a drink as we take a trip down the memory lane of how cheese was discovered, and the process of making cheese. Let’s get started!

Types of cheese blog image,. Image du blog types de fromage.
The wonderful world of cheese

What is Cheese?

Cheese, we all love it, and we all definitely enjoy it. As cheese lovers, let’s all appreciate the origins of this dairy goodness.

Cheese has been around for over 4,000 years. Can you imagine what life was like without cheese? We sure couldn’t! The exact details of its origins is a little clouded, but most cheesemongers (i.e., cheese sellers) can agree on one story: A man once put milk in a pouch created from a sheep’s stomach. After a whole day being exposed under the sun, the outcome was? The milk separated into curds of cheese and whey protein. 

Historians found that cheese making has been practiced all the way back from 5,500 BCE from a place that we now know as Poland. The popularity of cheesemaking expanded from Europe and the Middle East, all the way to North and South America. After the European expansion and the American influences in Asia, it’s safe to say that cheese definitely achieved world-wide acclaim. Now, there are more than 1,400 types of cheese around the world. There is a taste suited for everyone! If you’re interested in learning about Canadian cheeses, read our blog on Canadian Cheeses: Everything You Always Wanted to Know.

Cheese Prep Dessert Advisor.jpg
Milk Heating and Curd Cheese Preparation

The process of making cheese

Ever wondered how cheese was made? Dessert Advisor will walk you through the process of making cheese. 

The process of making cheese is really quite simple: milk has to ferment! Thus, raw or pasteurised milk is a common ingredient. The fermented milk will separate into curds, and they are then flavoured with salt. Most types of cheese go through a process of ageing! Usually, they are aged for at least 60 days. Some may require longer ageing, less, or no ageing at all. 

By adding healthy bacteria, fungi or enzymes, the outcome of the cheese may vary. The type of milk, temperature and moisture levels may also affect how cheese is made. To suit various taste palettes, cheesemakers will add herbs and spices, such as hot/sweet pepper or even involve alcohol in the process, such as beer and port wine. 

Cheddar rustique
Cheddar rustique d’Avonlea (Fromagerie Hamel)

A guide to the various types of cheese 

For National Cheese Lover’s day, we prepared a guide to the various types of cheese. We highlight 10 types of cheese, ranging from their country of origin, the kind of milk, taste and their ageing needs. 

Guide to 10 Cheese Types You Should Know

With this guide, you’ll have all the knowledge you need for this special day.  Time to show off your expertise on the different types of cheese!

How can you celebrate National Cheese Lover’s day?

This is the only day of the year when you can truly live out your cheese dreams. Here are some ways you can celebrate National Cheese Lover’s day:

Water Buffalo Mozzarella
Water Buffalo Mozzarella (The Cheesemongers Fromagerie)
  • Try something new: Today is the perfect day to explore other types of cheese. How about finally trying out the blue cheese you’ve been avoiding at parties? Read our blog on The Funky World of Blue Cheese, and you might just turn into a fan!
  • Try visiting a cheese shop near you: Nothing beats visiting a place with vast selection! As soon as you step inside, you’re hit with the smell of exquisite and flavourful aromas. A cheesemaker will definitely help you explore new cheese options to try. Look for a cheese shop near you.
  • Enjoy your old favorites: There’s a reason why some cheeses are popular than others. They taste great, and they pair well with the food you like the most. Cheese Lover’s day is all about appreciating the wonders of cheese. Go ahead and enjoy your old favourites!
  • Host a Cheese Party: Is it really a celebration without a party? It’s only fitting to host a cheese party on National Cheese Lover’s day! Grab your wooden platter and decorate it with your favourite types of cheese. Add some dried fruits, nuts, olives and pair it with a wine of your choice. Invite your friends over and you’re good to go! For some tips on creating a cheese platter, read our blog on Is It Time For a Cheese Platter?.


Cheese platter
Cheese platter

Whether it is National Cheese Lover’s day (January 20) or not, anyday is a perfect day to explore the different types of cheese. Have a “grate” day and enjoy!

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