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The Geode Cake: When Art Imitates Nature

2021-06-25   ◆   2 minutes read

A geode cake is a very unique kind of baking trend. After all, who would have thought that the worlds of desserts and geological formations would ever meet! This cake is a sweet ode to that unexpected meeting. Read on to discover what the cake is all about and how pastry artists make it.

Amethyst Marble
A geode cake with beautiful amethyst geodes and marbling effect (La Joconde)
What’s a Geode Cake?

It’s a cake that mimics the cavities in some rocks lined with crystals or minerals. Usually, bakers create carvings within the cake and carefully add lots of colorful rock candy or isomalt shards (a sugar substitute made from beets). This is a very meticulous step, as the minerals must look like they are spilling out of the slicings. Much like surgeons, pastry artists often use kitchen tweezers to complete the task! The result is a
beautiful cake that looks like it is filled with gems and crystals!

Usually, geode cakes consist of a layered sponge cake base, carved and then frosted with buttercream or fondant. The cake can be any flavour you like: chocolate, birthday cake… it could even be a carrot cake if you wish. Some advise against eating the candy to properly enjoy the cake, but the faux crystals should still be totally edible. The combination of crunchy candy and soft cake yields a special mix of textures when eating the cake. Rest assured that it will not feel, or taste, like snacking on rocks, though!

Green Crystal Geode Cake
A geode cake with emerald green crystal formations (Mmm Dessert)

It is unknown where the idea of the geode cake originated, or what inspired bakers to put crystals in a cake! However, there may be a story behind it, as unexpected as the cake itself. In the last couple years, the rise in popularity of new age spirituality caused crystal sales to reach new heights. Indeed, crystals went from something reserved for geologists or “hippies” to a beloved jewellery, decoration, and even energy-uplifting item. It makes sense that one of the places crystals ended up is our dessert plates. Crystals on a cake, why not?

Blue Crystals Geode Cake
A geode cake with blue “crystals’ and gold splatter effect (Pâtisserie Tillemont)

Recently, the geode cake has gained in popularity and emerged as a trend in the dessert world. The cake’s sculptural look, particularly when it features multiple layers that add to the dramatic effect of the carvings, make it particularly popular for weddings. Luckily, you don’t need to get hitched to enjoy one of these gorgeous cakes!

This cake is definitely one of the more mesmerizing baking trends to have surfaced in the last few years. Now that you’re familiar with the geode cake, do you feel any unusual crystal cravings? If you do, we strongly advise you to stick to edible crystals…or better yet, get your own geode cake near you!

Geode Cake Blog Image. Image du blog gâteau géode.

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