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Froyo Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Bars, Ice Cream’s Best Friend

2023-06-15   ◆   5 minutes read

A delicious frozen yogurt, or froyo, is a great yet often overlooked frozen dessert. While ice cream is usually considered the king of summer treats, there is a whole world of flavour waiting to be savoured. So without further ado, let’s dive right in and find out what it tastes like, how different it is from regular ice cream, how healthy it is, and more! Keep on reading. 

What is Frozen Yogurt?

Also called froyo, it is a frozen dessert that contains the same basic ingredients as ice cream, however, due to yogurt’s lactic acid, its taste is also more tart. It is typically lower in fat due to the use of milk in the recipe instead of cream. 

To sum it up, the dessert is made of milk solids, sweeteners, milk fat, yogurt bacteria, as well as flavourings and sometimes food colouring, whether natural or artificial.

Keep in mind that it is sometimes used as an ingredient in beverages like smoothies, or in desserts as a substitute for ice cream.

Blueberry frozen yogurt (Yogen Früz)Blueberry frozen yogurt (Yogen Früz)

Fun Ways to Savour  Froyo

Depending on your preferences, you can choose hard or soft serve frozen yogurt. How does that work? Froyo, much like ice cream, can be created using a powder mixed with water or another liquid. This mixture can then be poured into a soft-serve machine. Alternatively, you can also find pre-made liquid versions that are specifically designed to be used directly in the machine. The producer can change the fat content, as well as the amount of air introduced into the final product, which will affect the softness.

Froyo comes in a plethora of flavours and styles. You can also find sugar-free and fat-free alternatives. While some companies offer a tart version closer in taste to the original yogurt recipe, others try to make it taste like classic ice cream as much as possible. Another great thing about this dessert is that froyo shops almost always offer plenty of toppings, from fruits to nuts, cookies, and candies. 

You can cover this dessert in sprinkles or chocolate chips. In the saucy department, you can opt for melted chocolate, syrup, whipped cream, or fruit coulis. As a healthy option, why not spread some grapes, berries, or slices of melon, apple, or pineapple? The choices are really infinite! 

Copious serving of froyo and toppings (Yeh!)Copious serving of froyo and toppings (Yeh!)

Did you know there are also frozen yogurt bars that you can eat on the go? Like an ice cream sandwich, this frozen dessert can be great during a walk on a hot summer day. The only catch is that you can’t wait too long to finish it. Otherwise, it will melt! You can find them in stores or even make them yourself! 


Frozen Greek yogurt bars (Conagra Brands)

Frozen Greek yogurt bars (Conagra Brands)

How Is Frozen Yogurt Different From Ice Cream?

It is quite similar to ice cream, but the main difference is that it’s made with milk instead of cream. Also, since it isn’t FDA-regulated, its ingredients aren’t as set in stone, and can vary in fat content, creaminess, and sweetness. Unlike froyo and gelato, ice cream is regulated by the FDA, which requires it to contain at least 10% milk fat, for example.

Nearly all ice cream types are made with butterfat, condensed milk, cream, and milk, usually combined with flavourings, sweeteners, and stabilizers. The mixture is then pasteurized or heated to a very high temperature to kill bacteria and other organisms that shouldn’t be consumed, after which it is frozen. This is another important difference between the two. Unlike ice cream, froyo contains live bacteria (usually Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus).

Popular Chains and Froyo Shops Across Canada

As the sun shines brighter and hotter, summer is the perfect time to spot the best frozen yogurt ice cream and frozen yogurt bars near you. Whether in big chain stores or in your local shop, you won’t be short on froyo during summer!

First, let’s take a look at popular chains and froyo shops across Canada:


Next, there are many individual gems of places in your town where you can get your fix. This includes, for example: 

Caramel pecan crunch frozen yogurt (President’s Choice)Caramel pecan crunch frozen yogurt (President’s Choice)

Is It as Healthy as Regular Yogurt?

According to Medicine Net and Healthline, Dessert manufacturers often advertise frozen yogurt as a healthier, guilt-free version of ice cream and other desserts. However, froyo isn’t always the best and healthiest option. Instead, when comparing this dessert to others, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind, including their ingredients, nutritional values, and health benefits. 

Since its ingredients aren’t as regulated as ice cream’s, it’s impossible to say that one kind is always healthier than the other. When choosing between the two in a store, you can take a look at the ingredients and nutritional values of each. If you’re trying to eat healthy, compare the nutritional facts. Sometimes, ice cream could have higher amounts of calories and sugar per serving (make sure you compare the same serving size). 

However, unlike most plain, regular yogurts, the frozen kind usually contains a lot of added sugar. In fact, sugar is one of the most important ingredients in the manufacturing process. It’s important to note that manufacturers often make up for the lack of fat with sugar. So watch out — your froyo can contain as much, if not more, sugar than ice cream. This is especially true for the nonfat versions of this yogurt dessert which tend to contain more sugar.

On the flip side, along with having lower levels of calories and fat, this yogurt dessert offers several health benefits. This dessert has higher amounts of some beneficial minerals, vitamins, and microorganisms that can help you stay healthy and avoid serious health issues. 

Froyo also has higher amounts of phosphorus than similar servings of ice cream and gelato. This mineral performs many functions in the body, such as improving bone strength and filtering waste from the kidneys. It is a good source of potassium, which can help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. 

Significantly, frozen yogurt can also contain probiotics or live active bacteria. These healthy microorganisms can boost your immune system and improve the health of your digestive tract. Ice cream and gelato do not have probiotics, potentially making this dessert a healthier choice. However, not all froyo contains these extra probiotics, so check nutritional labels carefully for the National Yogurt Association’s “Live and Active Cultures” seal, which indicates if the product has probiotics. 

Wide array of froyo creations (Menchie’s)Wide array of froyo creations (Menchie’s)

Tips to Know How Potent the Probiotic in Your Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Is

Probiotics are beneficial to our health, primarily by supporting the digestive system. They are commonly found in foods like yogurt, fermented vegetables, and certain supplements. While this dessert can contain probiotics, it’s essential to consider a few factors to determine whether the probiotics remain potent in it.

  • Type of probiotic strain: Different probiotic strains have varying levels of resilience to temperature and processing. Some strains are more sensitive and may not survive freezing or prolonged exposure to low temperatures. On the other hand, certain strains are specifically formulated to withstand freezing conditions.

  • Manufacturing process: The manufacturing process of frozen yogurt ice cream can impact the viability of probiotics. The freezing process and the subsequent storage conditions can potentially reduce the number of live probiotic bacteria present in the product.

  • Storage and handling: If not stored and handled properly, it can further compromise the viability of probiotics. Temperature fluctuations and extended storage periods can decrease the number of live probiotic bacteria in the product.

To determine whether probiotics remain potent, it is crucial to check the product’s label for information on the specific strains used and their viability. 

Probiotic Strains Resistant to Freezing

Some probiotic strains have been found to have better survival rates in cold temperatures. Here are a few examples:

  • Bifidobacterium animalis: This strain, specifically Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis, has been shown to have good viability and stability in frozen conditions. It is commonly used in dairy products and probiotic supplements.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus: Lactobacillus acidophilus is a well-known probiotic strain that is often used in dairy products. It has been found to have some resistance to freezing and can maintain viability in cold temperatures.
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus: Lactobacillus rhamnosus is another strain that has been found to tolerate freezing conditions to some extent. It is commonly used in dairy products and probiotic supplements.
  • Lactobacillus casei: Lactobacillus casei is a probiotic strain that has been studied for its ability to survive freezing and maintain viability. It is often used in dairy products and fermented foods. Lactobacillus rhamnosus is another strain that has been found to tolerate freezing conditions to some extent. It is commonly used in dairy products and probiotic supplements.

It’s important to note that the viability of probiotic strains can vary depending on the specific product, processing methods, and storage conditions. To ensure the survival of probiotics, it’s best to check the product label for specific strain information and storage recommendations.

All of this talk of probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and microorganisms sure made us crave some refreshment. Do you feel like some delicious frozen yogurt ice cream, a bowl of froyo, or a box of frozen yogurt bars? Before it gets too hot, head to Dessert Advisor to find the best cold yogurt desserts near you. 

Frozen yogurt with a generous fruit topping (Pinkberry)

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