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Pistachio Ice Cream’s Green Mirage

2023-04-21   ◆   2 minutes read

Pistachio ice cream is a fine ice cream flavour that deserves a place right up with the vanilla and chocolate flavours! Being green or even sometimes dirty green does not necessarily increase the popularity of this flavour. What makes the difference is the nutty flavour that no other flavour has.


Now, let’s explore how this special taste of pistachio gets into the ice cream. After all, it isn’t that simple, when you think about it. While there are many types of ice cream, all stemming from different cultures or regions, we can identify two main methods of ice cream preparation. One that roasts the pistachio, grinds it, and then blends it into the cream and the other that just adds the pistachio nuts as is, whether roasted or not. Roasting the pistachio nuts will result in reducing the green colouring. But there is a winning trade-off, since roasting nuts typically brings out more of their flavour. This is why when you see a commercial bright green-colour pistachio ice cream, know that it is probably due to a use of a food colouring and it might be a low-quality one.

Pistachio Ice Cream Types

Let’s see few of the common types out there:

Traditional Indian Kulfi (Himalaya Restaurant)

Traditional Indian Kulfi (Himalaya Restaurant)
  • Pista Kulfi 


    Kulfi originates from the Indian subcontinent tracing back to the 16th century. Contrary to what we know as “ice cream,” kulfi are denser in texture and are typically served as a popsicle. It is made of milk, saffron, cardamom, almonds and pistachio.

    Spumoni ice cream cake (Cooking - NY Times)

    Spumoni ice cream cake (Cooking- NY Times)
  • Pistachio 

    Gelato (Spumoni)


    Spumone (singular) is an Italian gelato with three different flavours. Usually, cherry, pistachio, and either chocolate or vanilla. The ice cream is moulded, creamy, and foamy and it contains small pieces of nuts and candied fruits.


    Booza chewy ice cream (Le Mirage Pastry)
    Booza chewy ice cream (Le Mirage Pastry)
  • Pistachio Booza

    : This is a 500-year-old Arabic ice cream, originally made in the Bakdach Al-Hamidiyah Souq in the ancient city of Damascus (Syria). It doesn’t fit the characteristics of the traditional frozen dessert since it’s famous for being stretchy and chewy. This is a kind of flour that is made of the root of an orchid, thanks to an ingredient called Salep. Regardless of its texture, the taste is loaded with savoury flavours that you can’t get enough of. Give it a try!


    Ashta ice cream (Primola Tripoli)
    Ashta ice cream (Primola Tripoli)
  • Ashta ice cream

    : This is a close relative of the Booza ice cream, but originated in Tripoli (Lebanon). This creamy Ashta is always rolled in delicious pistachio nuts.

Bastani Sonnati - Persian ice cream (The Caspian Chef)

Bastani Sonnati – Persian ice cream (The Caspian Chef)
  • Bastani Sonnati

    : In farsi, Bastani means “ice cream”. A Persian ice cream made of pistachio, saffron, milk, eggs, rose water and vanilla. It is commonly served between two thin crispy waffles and has a unique yellow colour from the saffron spice inside.

Pistachio Nougat Ice Cream (Woolworth)

Pistachio Nougat Ice Cream (Woolworth)
  • Pistachio Nougat Ice Cream

    : Another rich ice cream that is made based on the traditions of South of France: cream, eggs, honey and of course, pistachios.

Pistachio & Almond Ice Cream (Laura Secord)

Pistachio & Almond Ice Cream (Laura Secord)
  • Pistachio- Flavoured Ice Cream

    : This flavoured ice cream arrived in the 20th century. Some of those ice cream do not really taste like pistachio, but their colour is bright green. Usually, they do not contain a large portion of real pistachios and instead the colour comes from food colouring. The taste is achieved artificially or the pistachios are traded with almonds that are a bit cheaper.

Pistachio ice cream’s green goodness is simply divine. After reading this blog, how can one resist the temptation to grab a swirl of it? To find the best pistachio desserts near you, head to Dessert Advisor

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