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Ice Cream Near Me

2022-07-15   ◆   4 minutes read

Picture yourself on a hot day. Maybe you’re in the park alone or on a long walk with a friend, and you feel like having ice cream. You type “ice cream near me” on Google. Now the big dilemma arrives. Not every place listed is going to have exactly what you’re looking for. And how can you even know what ice cream types or flavours they offer? 

On Dessert Advisor, you can search exactly what you’re looking for and even add filters for a variety of specifics. 


Let’s say the area that you’re wandering through is somewhere you’ve never been before. Maybe you just want something now and proximity is a priority. Head to, type in “ice cream” and do not forget to click on the location Location_Pin_Prompt icon to allow your current location (if the icon turns grey, it means that your current location is on). And voila! You’ve got the list of ice cream products available in your area.

Mobile (default) Home Search Page
Mobile (default) Home Search Page
Desktop (default) Home Page Search
Desktop (default) Home Search Page


When you use Dessert Advisor search options to find the ice cream of your choice, there are different filters that make the process much easier. They’ll help you get the right ice cream in your hands as fast as possible.

Mobile Search Page Interface with Filters
Mobile Search Page with Filters
Desktop Search Page Interface with Filters
Desktop Search Page with Filters

The ice cream description and specifically the “Where to buy?” section will tell you where to find it. 

Mobile Product Page
Mobile Product Page
Desktop Product Page
Desktop Product Page

Make sure to verify the hours at the top! Clicking on the icon Direction (next to the address) will even bring you safely to where your ice cream awaits.

Mobile Shop Location Page
Mobile Location Page
Desktop Location Page
Desktop Location Page

Alternatively, maybe you would drive to the ends of the Earth to get the exact ice cream you need. On Dessert Advisor, you can specify your dietary or taste preferences. Say, you are looking for a vegan chocolate ice cream. Get the ice cream you want where you want it!


Ice Cream Dietary Preference

Dietary restrictions can get a bit complicated, as you can use as many as 18 dietary preferences (Note: we suggest selecting one at a time!). The preferences are listed based on the information available in the public domain. If you have a serious dietary restriction, we highly suggest verifying with the employees in the shop. Let’s look into how a few of these would apply to ice cream.


  • Gluten-Free

Most simple flavours of ice cream are naturally gluten-free. However, it can get a bit tricky when you get into things like cookie dough chunks or if there are starches. Just go to the filters area and select “Gluten-free”.

Mobile Search Dietary Preferences Filters
Mobile Dietary Preferences Filter
Desktop Dietary Preferences Filter
Desktop Dietary Preferences Filter

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

  • Vegan or Dairy-Free

If you’re looking for a vegan or dairy-free dessert, we’ve covered some vegan ice creams in our eco treats blog. To make it a completely plant-based option almond, soy, and coconut are the most popular bases. You can also get cashew, bean, and pea protein. Vegan and dairy-free are similar but not the same things, so they are two very clear filters on Dessert Advisor.  Again, check the “vegan” or “Dairy-free” and you will get a list of ice cream products that you can get.

  •  Kosher

Kosher foods conform to traditional Jewish law, and more specifically the kashrut (dietary law). When it comes to ice cream, the animal and the dairy product must be considered kosher. The animal should be milked under the supervision of a Rabbi and ice cream must use such milk.  Any additional ingredients to the ice cream must also be kosher. There are many ice cream shops that comply with kosher guidelines, and having “Kosher” as a filter means it is easy to find them!

  • Halal

Halal translates from Arabic to “permissible” or “law” and refers to anything allowed by Islamic law. In the case of ice cream, there are a couple of concerns but it is usually a halal treat. The occasions where ice cream is haram (forbidden) would be if gelatin or extra fat is added but that is rare. There is controversy over vanilla ice cream, as vanilla can contain alcohol. These more controversial considerations are personal, but Dessert Advisor will make clear if ice cream has been explicitly considered halal by the establishment.

  • Sugar-Free

Desserts are so much more than a shot of sugar. There’s the taste, the aspect of treating yourself, and deeply rooted culture to them that shouldn’t have to go just because sugar is gone. Process sugar-free ice cream exists and is delicious. For whatever reason you’re giving up sugar, you can still have your cold and creamy treat.


Taste Preference

If you’re just searching for specific ice cream the old-fashioned way, you might have to call the ice cream shops before going to confirm they have it. With the taste preference filter, you can narrow down the search significantly. Checking an option like “chocolatey,” “buttery,” or “salty” get you to specific ice cream faster.

Mobile Taste Preferences Filter
Mobile Taste Preferences Filter
Desktop Taste Preferences Filter
Desktop Taste Preferences Filter

Cultural Background

Today we are blessed with a huge variety of delicious frozen desserts. Mochi for instance is a very popular rice cake from Japan that can be eaten with ice cream filling. Kulfi is a slow-cooked ice cream originating in India. Gelato (which in Italy just refers to any ice cream) is known as artisanal Italian ice cream. You can search on Dessert Advisor with the ethnicity filter, and enjoy ice cream near me from all over!

Mobile Cultural Preferences Filter
Mobile Cultural Preferences Filter
Desktop Cultural Preferences Filter
Desktop Cultural Preferences Filter

We all Scream for Ice Cream!

Ice cream was invented so long time ago that people can’t even confirm when and where. That original ice cream made from shaved ice has traveled all around the world through the centuries. Although the origins of ice cream are based on shaved ice, they are two very different desserts. Today we are talking specifically about ice cream based on cream and milk, whether that’s hard or soft-serve ice cream. Dessert Advisor does have those options of other frozen desserts! If you’re curious about such delicious treats as shaved ice, frozen yogurt, or sorbet, you can search for them as well.

Ice Cream Near Me Blog Image. Image du blogue crème glacée à proximité
Rose and Pista Kulfi (Kitchen Mai)

Who is Dessert Advisor?

Dessert Advisor began after searching not only ice cream near me but also cakes near me, brownies near me, anything you can think of. Dessert is important to us and the more we tried to expand our palette and dietary preferences, the more we were met with search frustrations. We created something that makes the search for dessert as much of a treat as the dessert itself. Since then we’ve worked to create a community for dessert lovers to meet and indulge. Our blog offers a way to deep dive into dessert topics such as different ice cream types and ice cream cones. Use them to explore exactly what your craving is, and perhaps even expand your repertoire. 

We also believe desserts unite people and we want to use our platform to highlight social movements and bring people together. Dessert Advisor is based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal on unceded Indigenous lands. The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation and the Anishinaabeg peoples are recognized as the custodians of the lands and waters where our office is located.

Dessert Advisor EN Logo

Now that you’ve got all the tools to bring your ice cream near me searches to the next level, get Dessert Advising! It’s that easy to search for any dessert you’re looking for. And there’s no better place to start than a refreshingly cold and creamy frozen dessert. Are you eating ice cream yet??

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