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Find Out Which Type of Tofu Desserts Matches You!

2022-04-08   ◆   3 minutes read

For vegan and vegetarian cuisine, tofu is the perfect substitute for dairy and meat products. So, it’s not a surprise that soybean curds are used to replicate creamy and decadent desserts. Tofu is sort of a blank slate: you can create any flavour and texture. Let’s add personality to this tabula rasa (clean state) by exploring what your favourite tofu desserts says about you! Discover your sweet fate now!

Plain Tofu

The Mystery Behind Tofu’s Origins

There are actually four theories surrounding the origins of tofu:

  • Accidental discovery: Tofu’s creation wasn’t planned. A Chinese cook was trying out different ways to flavour soybeans by using Nagari (seaweed). The result of their experiment was the birth of soybean curds!
  • Influence of Chinese Dynasty: The most popular origin story dates back all the way to the King of Huai-nan (Han Dynasty), Liu An. He was so fixated in becoming immortal, he even used alchemy to find a way. In one of his experiments, he carelessly dropped brine into soy milk which created tofu. 
  • A son’s devotion: This fable is about how a man created tofu through trying various means to cook soybeans. His elderly parents had trouble consuming food, so he decided to blend the beans and pass it through a cloth. This technique was so revolutionary, it is still used today.
  • Mongolian methods: The Mongolian cheese making methods were adopted by ancient Northern Chinese. These Mongolian tribes lived along China’s northern border. They learned the milk curdling technique and used it to curdle soybeans. 
Curdling of soybeans
Curdling of soybeans (Tofupedia)

Discover Which Tofu Dessert is Perfect for You

We have a list of delicious tofu desserts and each one is paired with a personality type (based from the Jungian archetypes). Curious to see which dessert is perfect for you? Discover now!

  • Douhua: This is a delicious Chinese tofu pudding snack. The taste can range from sweet to savoury, depending on your preferred flavour. It is prepared with soft, or silken, tofu and is topped with a sweet syrup or with a soy-based syrup. The texture is similar to a custard or a panna cotta (very soft!). Japan and Vietnam have their own version of this pudding, and it is especially popular in Vietnam (Check out one of the Lunar New Year’s desserts: glutinous rice balls with ginger syrup). 

You are The Sage: Douha is definitely the most popular tofu dessert. It is traditionalist, tried and true like The Sage. You tend to look for the objective truth in life. Your contemplation may scare you to take risks, but you are trustworthy, self-reflective, and knowledgeable. Go ahead and indulge in the delicious taste of douhua!

Douhua (Christie at Home)
  • French Toast Tofu Bites: You can enjoy french toast tofu bites either deep or pan fried. Prepared with silken tofu, this crispy snack is sure to knock your taste buds away. It is topped with cinnamon and is paired with fresh fruits. The fun part? You get to choose your own dipping sauce! Chocolate, peanut, vanilla, maple syrup… There are so many possibilities!

You are The Everyman: If french toast tofu bites sound appetizing to you, then you are The Everyman. You are someone who is down to earth, dependable, charismatic, and welcoming. You want to fit in and be a part of something great, even if it runs the risk of losing yourself or your conviction. Try some french toast tofu bites, the choice of dipping sauce is at your hands!

French Toast Tofu
French Toast Tofu Bites (ZardyPlants)
  • Tofu Smoothie Bowl: Smoothie bowls are just as healthy as smoothies, and will fill you up. They’re healthy (low fat and high protein) and will keep you energized throughout the day. Tofu smoothie bowls use a blend of bananas and silken tofu as the base, creating the perfect creamy consistency. Topped with fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, every bite feels like you’re on a tropical vacation!

You are The Explorer:  Those who enjoy an active lifestyle, this dessert is perfect for you! You are someone like the Explorer; you are looking for the most authentic, and meaningful life through journeys and experiences. You don’t want to be tied down and the thought of conforming repulses you. A tofu smoothie bowl is healthy, and outside of the norm, something light and unique that doesn’t weigh you down. 

Silken Tofu Chocolate Smoothie
Silken Tofu Chocolate Smoothie Bowl (One Green Planet)
  • Tofu Brownies: Brownies are the go-to snack, but they can pack some unwanted sugar and calories. Tofu brownies deliver the same sweet flavours, and the decadent  texture. It’s a classic and delicious staple that’s made even richer and more appealing with the addition of tofu. Its flavours are enriched and expanded, try them out!

You are The Lover: Tofu brownies are an ultimate pairing with someone like The Lover. You have a love for all of life and want a deep connection with everything you do and everyone around you. You are definitely preoccupied with your exterior life; you want to be loved as much as you love. Life is about experiencing it passionately with the people you care about.

Tofu Brownies
Decadent Tofu Brownies (House Foods)
  • Taho: Probably the most famous Filipino snack, taho is a silken tofu dessert made with arnibal (i.e., sweet syrup made from brown sugar) and sago pearls. Almost every Filipino remembers eating this mouthwatering snack every morning. It tastes the best when served warm, but it can also be consumed when cold. The texture is in between custard and a milkshake. It was actually developed from the douhua, but adapted to fit the culture’s tastes.

You are The Outlaw: If you’re a fan of taho, then you are someone like The Outlaw. You are adapting the classic ways of life to fit for you. You may seem eccentric compared to the classic, but it’s in deliberate ways with the intention of improving a situation. Taho is a gorgeous and beloved adaptation of the traditional, old way of making dessert; the perfect embodiment of an outlaw.

  • Annin Tofu: Annin tofu is popular in Asian countries, especially in Japanese, Chinese and Filipino cuisine. It is a soft, jellied dessert made with apricot kernel milk, agar, and sugar. It can also be served with a fruit cocktail, the ideal summer dessert to cool you down!

You are The Jester: If this tofu dessert is calling your name, then you are The Jester. You want to breathe life into every situation and can never sit in a dull moment. It does mean that you can be avoidant in times of stress or seriousness, but you have a genuine joy for life that you want to share with everyone. Share annin tofu with friends and enjoy!

Annin Tofu
Annin Tofu (Kawaling Pinoy)

Did you find out which dessert matches your personality? Indulge in your cravings and look for tofu desserts near you! Happy eating!

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