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Flavours of Popcorn for National Popcorn Day!

2022-01-14   ◆   2 minutes read

Is it already that time of the year? Yep! It’s National Popcorn Day! It’s the best day to savour all various flavours of popcorn. Most associated with American movies and sporting events, popcorn carried cultural significance all over the Americas for centuries. You’ll be longing for the addictive smell of the movie popcorn by the end of this blog. Let’s learn more!

Popcorn Blog Image. Image du blog maïs soufflé
Salted Popcorn

The Origins of Popcorn

Popcorn originated all the way from ancient times. The first findings of domesticated corn came from a wild grass called Teosinte 10,000 years ago. Afterwards, it made its way across South America 6,700 years ago. People found fossil evidence (from 300 AD) in Peru, indicating that they were making flour and popping corn. 

Signs of popcorn were also found during the Aztec Empire. The Aztecs thought that popcorn resembled hail so they used it in many of their rain ceremonies. For their festival of Toxcatl, they wore garlands of popcorn and performed a “popcorn dance”. This dance mimicked the popping of kernels to ask their Rain God, Tlaloc, for a healthy growth season.

The first documentation of popcorn was written by the French Settlers who watched the Haudenosaunee Peoples (also called Iroquois) popping corn in pottery jars filled with heated sand. Many early reports of popcorn described it being eaten like cereal, with milk and nuts.

Rustic Caramel Popcorn
Caramel popcorn (Rustique Pie Kitchen)

The Flavours of Popcorn

You might be used to the regular popcorn flavouring: plain and buttered. But, we’re here to show you the vast options of popcorn seasonings to enjoy during National Popcorn Day!

  • Butter: This is the original flavour of popcorn! It’s very reminiscent of movie theatres, or those Friday night movie jams with microwaved popcorn. This is the popular American taste that we all know and love. How nostalgic!
  • Caramel: Looking for a sweet option? Caramel popcorn will be your go-to snack! It is cooked with a sugar syrup with a tint of vanilla extract and baking powder. Caramel popcorn is sweet and salty. It is perfect to eat after lunch, or for your movie nights. 
  • Chocolate Caramel: Similar to the caramel popcorn, the chocolate caramel popcorn is a beautiful blend of cocoa and toffee flavours. This snack is hard to resist! No need to pair with other sweets, it’s perfect as it is. 
  • Cheese: Calling all of the cheese lovers! Cheese popcorn is a popular choice amongst popcorn fans. This flavour comes in different types: three-cheese, white cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and many more.
  • Smokey BBQ: Who doesn’t love a kick of flavours in their popcorn? The smoky BBQ popcorn has a nice amount of heat and spices, all while delivering the barbecue taste. Pair it with soda or juice, and you’re good to go!
  • Cajun: The cajun popcorn has an addictive taste that you just cannot get enough of. It is definitely a great alternative to the original butter popcorn. Try out this flavour to spice up your day!

These are just some of the popcorn flavourings of this tasty snack. There are so many more flavours to explore! Rest assured, there’s a popcorn flavour suited to everyone’s palette.

Cajun Popcorn Toronto Popcorn Company
Cajun Popcorn (Toronto Popcorn Company)

The Different Types of Popcorn

Did you know there are different types of popcorn? Listed below are the main types of popcorn. Each type has its own sub-types and varieties of popcorn to choose from. Let’s check them out:

  • White: The white popcorn is, of course, coloured white. This type of kernel pops up  a little smaller than the yellow kernel. It also has a neutral popcorn flavour. This makes white popcorn excellent for adding flavourings and seasonings. 
  • Yellow: Compared to the white popcorn, this kernel pops up with a yellow shade. This type of popcorn looks more buttery, and is the main reason movie theatres use yellow popcorn. In terms of flavour, it leans towards a more nuttier taste. 
  • Mushroom: This type of popcorn pops into a rounder shape, similar to the surface of a mushroom. Mushroom popcorn is ideal for popcorn coated in glaze, like caramel or chocolate caramel popcorn, because of its sturdiness. 

You’re pretty much set to properly celebrate National Popcorn Day. Go ahead and enjoy this day with a bang! Grab a bag of popcorn from your local stores today.

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