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Profiteroles? Or Cream Puffs?

2021-12-31   ◆   2 minutes read

Profiterole? Cream Puff? Is there even a difference? Lucky for you, Dessert Advisor is here to help! This dessert is a classic staple at every party. Even though profiteroles have an unclear history, let’s look into its origins and different types of fillings. Keep on reading!

profiterole wreath
Profiteroles Wreath (LaFrenaie)

History of Profiterole

You’ve probably seen profiteroles at your local grocery stores and bakeries, but how well do you know its origins? Profiteroles have a funny history: no one really knows its true origins! But, there have been some stories where we can piece together how profiteroles came to be. 

It is believed that profiteroles originated from Italy in the 16th century. However, the pastry looked more like bread, than it’s famous cream puff look. Profiteroles’ existence became known when Italian Catherine de Medici married the French King Henri II. She brought her Italian chefs to her husband’s homeland, and made profiteroles to the court. But, it wasn’t until the great French chef Antonin Carême that profiteroles rose to fame. With his creativity, he transformed profiteroles: he filled the choux buns with cream, then dipped them in warm caramel. Ever since taking a bite of a profiterole felt like heaven!

pistachio cream puff
Pistachio Cream Puff (Anna Maria’s Cakes & Puffs)


Difference of Profiterole and Cream Puff 

Now, the main question is: Is it a profiterole or a cream puff? There’s actually no difference! In general, a profiterole is a type of pastry, and is usually called a cream puff. It is made with a special type of dough: choux pastry.  Profiteroles are described as a sweet pastry dessert, filled with delicious and creamy fillings.

Profiterole Blog Image. Image du blog profiterole.
Salted Caramel & Crème Brûlée Cream Puff Tree (Creme Cream Puffs)

Different Types of Profiterole Fillings

Profiteroles, or cream puffs, have various and delicious fillings suited for everyone’s taste buds. Let’s take a look:

  • Whipped cream: This is the traditional profiterole filling. Every bite from a whipped cream filling feels like you’re dancing on top of the clouds. It’s soft, yet creamy. It has everything you need from a profiterole! 
  • Custard: There are some that like whipped cream, and there are those who prefer custards. A custard filling provides a rich, dense texture that still delivers the cream-like fantasy of the traditional whipped cream profiterole. Either way, both are delicious and mouthwatering just by thinking of them!
  • Ice cream: You can never go wrong with an ice cream filling. Unlike whipped cream and custard profiteroles, ice cream profiteroles are served frozen. This twist on cream puffs is most popular with kids. But, don’t let age stop you from enjoying this frozen dessert. You don’t wanna miss out on this!

Regardless of which type of filling you enjoy, all profiteroles are often drizzled with chocolate or caramel sauce. Nowadays, there are a lot more varieties in filling flavours and toppings. With profiteroles rising in popularity, bakeries are exploring more ways to elevate a cream puff. Some sought-after flavours are pistachio, lemon, matcha, and so much more! There are even some pastry chefs that like to play with their imagination: profiteroles cakes! Profiteroles can be enjoyed in so many different ways, check out what other types of cream puffs are out there at your local bakery.

matcha cream puff
Matcha Cream Puff (Sino Bakery)

National Cream Puff Day

You’re just in time! The National Cream Puff Day is celebrated annually on January 2nd. No one really knows how this special day came to be, but don’t let it stop you from celebrating this delicious day.

Enjoy a profiterole, or cream puff pastry today! There are a lot of options to explore, so don’t limit yourself. Check out your local bakery to satisfy those cravings.

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