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Bubble Waffles: An Original Dessert on the Go

2021-06-15   ◆   2 minutes read

Are you a fan of bubbles? How about fluffy desserts? Then bubble waffles might be just what you need! Yes, these waffles turn bubble wrap into a treat you can eat! This fun Asian street food trend has reached North America. Read on to discover more about this snack, as well as where you can get your hands on one.

Bubble Waffles: What Are They?
Bakers make this dessert with waffle-like batter that they bake in a special bubble pan. The particular shape of the mold makes a dessert with crispy edges and soft “bubbles” you can bite into. The waffle itself is egg-based, which gives the treat a sweet custard taste. Maybe the egg street snack reminds you of the Taiyaki cones we covered last year? While they both feature ice cream and egg-based batter, bubble waffles do not contain red bean paste and are fluffier. Besides eggs, the dessert consists of flour, sugar, salt, butter, water, tapioca starch, and evaporated milk, plus baking powder for extra fluffiness.

BW Cabane de Danny

A bubble waffle with scoops of ice cream @ La cabanne de Danny (Yelp user Boz X.)

In fact, the treat’s original name is the “Hong Kong egg puff”, to honor its origins in one of the world’s street food capitals. Although egg puffs are gaining in popularity in North America now, they have been a beloved street snack in Hong Kong for decades. Colloquially, you might know them as egg puffs, eggettes, and of course Bubble waffles due to their funny shape!

Usually, vendors shape the waffles into cones after baking for convenient street snacking. Then, they serve them warm with ice cream and other yummy fillings. Almost like an ice cream sandwich, but in a cone! As for toppings and sauces, there are really no rules! Creativity is welcome when selecting what to put on your waffle. The custardy base pairs well with most fruity, creamy, or chocolatey flavours. 

Our Top Picks of Bubble Waffle Flavors
Surely, reading about what’s in a bubble waffle must have made you eager to know what’s on them! Let’s take a look at some of the most appetizing egg waffle flavors out there.

King Kong Waffle

A King Kong bubble waffle with bananas and pecans (C’Chocolat)
    • Banana pecan bubble waffle: This dessert consists of vanilla gelato, banana slices, salted caramel, crumble and pecans. The combination of soft fruit, spongy waffle, and crunchy toppings makes for a pleasantly textured dessert experience!

    • Matcha red bean bubble waffle: A matcha and poppy seed eggette, with green tea ice cream, red beans, a wafer stick, and whipped cream for green tea lovers.

Matcha Red Bean BW

A matcha red bean bubble waffle (Golden Bubbles)
  • Ube bubble waffle: An ube egg puff can feature a classic vanilla waffle, or an ube waffle to add to the intensity of the flavor. Some add blueberry jam infusion, and of course ube ice cream. Feel free to get creative with toppings: cookie sticks, strawberries, blueberries, an Oreo cookie, whipped cream, sprinkles… most will go great with an ube bubble waffle. A great choice for purple lovers!

  • Chocolate bubble waffle: A classic option. Most chocolate egg waffles will be made with a chocolate chip eggette, which is topped with chocolate ice cream, more chocolate chips, whipped cream, and sometimes chocolate syrup to tie it all together. Chocolate aficionados could even add nutella…. yum!

Hot Chocolate BW

A hot chocolate bubble waffle (The Parlour Gelato + Coffee)
  • Cookies and cream bubble waffle: Last but not least, this hojicha cookies and cream egg waffle you can see below is creating a serious eggette craving for us… Instead of the usual hard ice cream, the dessert features soft serve with hojicha, a Japanese green tea, and milk. Finally, it is topped with an Oreo cookie crumble, so that you can really feel like you’re having tea and cookies!

Oreo Crumble Eggette

A hojicha and Oreo crumble eggette with soft serve ice cream (Yelp user Abby L.)

Bubble waffles also come in many other flavors. We had to stop ourselves, or we would be here all day! If you’re looking for more bubbly inspiration, there’s strawberry shortcake, s’mores, coconut, apple pie, mango, and many others… Feel like trying out one of your own? Look here for the tastiest bubble waffles near you.

Bubble Waffle Blog Image. Image du blog bubble waffles.

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