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Strawberry Desserts: Sweet and Sour Treats in Season

2021-05-28   ◆   3 minutes read

As the weather gets warmer, strawberry desserts are the most refreshing and appetizing treats!  Strawberries can be used in different ways… You can enjoy them fresh, frozen, preserved, and even dehydrated. We know how difficult it can be to pick between so many delicious ideas, so we did the work for you. Today, we bring you selected desserts. Best part? The only finger lifting you’ll do to locate them… is scrolling!

Strawberry Desserts: Are They Good for You?

Nothing compares to fresh berries in fresh desserts. Did you know ancient Romans believed strawberries to have medicinal properties? Yes, the strawberry’s history tells us that they used the fruit for ailments such as melancholy, fevers, sore throats, and even fainting spells! Indeed, strawberries are packed full of flavour and Vitamin C, fiber, folate, and antioxidants. They also have proven anti-inflammatory properties. So by eating dessert, you might actually be boosting your immunity!

Unicone Strawberry Cheesecake
A perfect mix of sour and sweet, creamy and crunchy: a strawberry cheesecake gelato cone (Unicone)
Strawberries and Dairy: a Love Story

Speaking of strawberry desserts, strawberry flavorings are a popular ingredient for
any dairy product: strawberry milk, strawberry gelato, strawberry trifle, strawberries and cream, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry milkshakes and strawberry yogurts…

Strawberry Charlotte
A classic strawberry charlotte with fresh berries (Ricardo)

Lovers of strawberries and Canadian cheese, you are in for a treat if you haven’t had a strawberry charlotte yet. This French dessert features boudoir biscuits or ladyfingers, whipping cream, mascarpone, and of course, strawberries! The secret is in the layering: the balance of biscuits, fruit, cream and cheese lends a variety of flavours and the perfect texture. Here, dairy adds smoothness and airiness to the cake. The fresh cheese and cream tie the juicy strawberries and softened yet crunchy biscuit base together seamlessly.

You may not be the biggest cake fan, but still love strawberries in your desserts? Perhaps you’d prefer a cup of strawberry gelato. There are many gelato flavours out there. What’s more, gelato generally has a lower percentage of fat than ice cream, due to its higher milk content and lower proportion of cream and eggs. If you’ve wondered about the treat’s silky texture before, we’ve got your answer! Gelato is so smooth and velvety because of two things: the slower churning process and the warmer serving temperature. The slow churning  lets in less air, and so creates a denser texture, which really emphasizes the frozen sweet’s flavour in all its intensity.


Strawberry Pastries

Especially when fresh strawberries are at once sweet and slightly acidic, the fruit brings some coolness to those steamy summer days. A seasonal favourite,
strawberry shortcake consists of either a biscuit or sponge cake base layered with macerated strawberries mixed with sugar. In the 19th century, strawberry shortcake was served hot, with butter and sweetened cream. Only in 1910 did French chefs incorporate whipped cream into the mix. This innovation led to the strawberry shortcake we know today, much to the delight of strawberry and dairy lovers!

Biscuit Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry shortcake with a biscuit base (Love and Lemons)

If you’re looking for a smaller, easier to eat on the go strawberry snack, look no further. Strawberry cupcakes are an excellent way to enjoy the fruit in all its sweetness, particularly if you like lots of buttercream on your desserts! Fun fact about cupcakes: their name actually tells you how the sweets are made… Yes, just like a pound cake is made with a pound of each ingredient, cupcakes are made with a cup, or more, of each ingredient. We don’t know about you, but cupcakes sure are our cup of tea!

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake
A strawberry shortcake cupcake – a twist on the classic strawberry shortcake (MTL Cupcakes)

We also find strawberry flavourings in non-dairy products, like strawberry crisp, strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry cobbler, and strawberry oatmeal bars. These all feature a combination of strawberries and different cereals or wheat-based crust for a sweet, tangy, and crunchy experience. There’s also jelly/jello and jams, which when added to a dough base, make for a yummy combination of tastes and textures. Just look at these strawberry jam-filled doughnuts…

Strawberry Jam Sufganiyot
A strawberry jam sufganiyot
Strawberries and Chocolate

Last but not least, a star duo in the world of sweets is the combination of strawberries and chocolate. Strawberries are a perfectly balanced element, juicy and tangy enough to cut through the rich taste and sweetness of a chocolate-heavy dessert. Take your pick: there’s dark chocolate-covered strawberries,
strawberry chocolate mousse cake, chocolate strawberry tart… As for us, strawberry tarts have our heart!

Choc Covered Strawberries
Chocolate-dipped Strawberries (Edible Arrangements)

Whatever your sweet weakness, if you’re seeking a comprehensive list of local strawberry desserts, look no further. You’ll find strawberry macarons, strawberry-filled chocolate bonbons, and strawberry mousse cakes. Not to mention cheesecakes, cream cakes, and even eclairs with fresh berries! All you have to do is select your favourites. Yes, we know… Even with our top picks in mind, it’s easier said than done!

Strawberry Desserts Blog Image. Image du blog desserts aux fraises.

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