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10 Yummy Easter Desserts for 2021

Looking for new and quirky Easter chocolate ideas and, well, Easter desserts in general? Well, we’ve compiled a list of 10 favourites. In alphabetical order, we start with Vancouver’s Beta5 before taking a detour through Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, and wrapping things up in Montreal and Halifax. Let’s hop to it!

1. Beta5 (Vancouver): Intergalactic Egg

For a fun sci-fi and 80s-themed Easter, look no further than Beta5’s intergalactic chocolate egg. The shell is 66% dark chocolate and hand-painted with bright cocoa butter. It’s kind of electric like the DeLorean. But this wasn’t enough for one of North America’s Top Ten Chocolatiers who have filled each of their intergalactic eggs with nine pieces of their Peanut Butter Eggs and a Space Bunny! FYI, the Bunnies come in your choice of Beta5’s award winning milk and dark chocolate options.

intergalactic egg web 720x Beta5 Dessert Advisor
2. Bobette and Belle (Toronto): Easter Bunny Cake

Described by Lynn Crawford as “trendsetters in the magnificent world of cakes and sweets”, you can see why with their elegant Easter Bunny Cake. This 6” extra tall cake features sugar ears and a delicate crown of buttercream flowers. Moreover, it’s available in a wide range of flavours including carrot, chocolate, raspberry, and mango passionfruit. They even cater to gluten-free diets! Have a look at their website to see their Easter Animal Cake Pops, Theme Piped Meringues, and Easter Egg Cookies with very intricate piping work.

Easter Bunny Cake 8 Bobette and Belle Dessert Advisor
3. Cobs Bread (125 locations across Canada): Cranberry Orange Hot Cross Buns

With 125 locations across Canada, locals are spoilt for choice when it comes to Easter hot cross buns. With sweet orange zest and tart, plump cranberries, these buns are a twist on tradition. To add to the Easter desserts collection, they offer three additional types of hot cross buns: Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip, and Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns. If that’s not enough for you, we suggest exploring their variety of scones, danishes, and brioches.

Cranberry orange cross bun Cobs Dessert Advisor
4. The Grand Order of Divine Sweets (Toronto): Pollock Egg

Inspired by the action painting of Jackson Pollock, this Easter treat is perfect for fans of abstract art. No two Pollock Eggs are identical, though they are all available in milk, white, or dark chocolates. All of which  are gluten-free; the dark chocolate egg being vegan. They come in two sizes, 5” tall and 10” tall, plus a bonus extra big size if you contact the team directly. As self-proclaimed geeks and lovers of many fandoms, they also offer a Harry Potter Egg, Zombie Bunnies, and Splatter SMASH Eggs.

Top 10 Easter Desserts Blog Image. Image du blog 10 desserts de Pâques.
5. High Tea Bakery (Winnipeg): Gift Boxed Mini Imperial Cookies – Easter Dessert Collection

At High Tea Bakery, adorable desserts are on the menu this Easter. A custom keepsake box is home to their 12 mini imperial cookies. These batches come with 6 white bunnies and 6 yellow chicks, perfect for Easter.

These little delights are made with almond shortbread and a sweet raspberry preserve middle, and finally coated in a pure almond icing. Not only are these cookies made from scratch, but they also feature locally sourced eggs and creamery butter. Be careful, or you might become obsessed with these cookies!

Easter MiniImperials BunnyChicks BlackBox 2300 600x600 High Tea Bakery Dessert Advisor
6. Ooey Gooey Bakeshop (West Regina): Robin’s Nest Cake

This cake is an absolute Easter sensation. Picture it – 6 inches of triple layered chocolate cake, filled with chocolate ganache, and smothered in vanilla buttercream. But it doesn’t stop there! This dessert has a chocolate buttercream topping that is also sprinkled with coconut and, of course, mini eggs.

Ooey Gooey Bakeshop is a home-based operation that makes all their goodies from scratch. Did we also mention they use real butter and no artificial fillings or toppings?

Robins nest ogbakeshop Dessert Advisor
7. Première Moisson (Quebec province & Ottawa): Chocolate-Vanilla Bunny

This Première Moisson gem is a chocolate lover’s dream. We start with a pure chocolate brownie that sits atop a chocolate chip sponge cake. Next we have fresh vanilla mousse and chocolate cream. And finally, it’s all covered by milk chocolate frosting and chocolate decorations. Don’t worry, no rabbits were harmed in the making of this dessert. Original and authentic, it’s just another example of the gourmet popular desserts. With over 25 bakeries in the province of Quebec, it’s worth considering their Easter Chocolate-Caramel Verrines, too!

Lapin chocolate vanila bunny Premiere Moisson Dessert Advisor
8. Rousseau Chocolatier (Halifax): Easter Piggy

If you are looking for a French artisanal chocolate store with original animal design, stop by the Halifax-based Rousseau Chocolatier. Their Easter collection includes a cute pink bright Easter Piggy that is accompanied by a large selection of other animal figurines. Check out their funny lambs, bunnies, colourful eggs, and chocolate moose lollipops.

Easter Piggy Rousseau Chocolatier Dessert Advisor
9. SOMA Chocolatemaker (Toronto): Eggy-Brown Butter, Marshmallow, Mango Sable

Founders David and Cynthia describe this Easter delight as a warm and fuzzy hug of a cookie. Take one look at the egg shaped cookie sandwich and you can see where they’re coming from. With two polka dot brown butter shortbreads held together by “a pillow of marshmallows and a yolk of Mango chocolate”, it really is adorable! Yes, you read correctly. We did say mango chocolate yolk. Continuing on the cute theme, SOMA also offers sour cherry and blueberry cacao Egg Pods, plus little rabbits. But special mention for the precious Comet The Baby Raccoon. These delicious little Raccoons are made by melting Newfoundland Salt Company crystals into caramel chocolate.

eggy brown butter 2 1024x1024 Soma Chocolate Dessert advisor
10. Sweet Relief Pastries (Calgary): Mini Egg Cheesecake

Pastry Chef and owner Deidre Lotecki has done it again. This time with her crowd pleasing Mini Egg Cheesecake. She makes the base from her chocolate mini egg cookie, which holds the silky mini egg baked cheesecake filling. Topped with a smooth chocolate ganache and, you guessed it, mini eggs, it’s perfect to share with 8-10 people. If beautifully decorated sugar cookies are more your thing, then you’re in luck with their vanilla flavoured carrots, bunnies, eggs, and baby chicks.

Mini Egg Cheesecake Sweet Relief pastries Dessert Advisor

Get your Easter orders in early as it’s almost here. For a list of more Easter desserts near you, search here. Happy Easter, everyone.

Top 10 Easter Desserts Blog Image. Image du blog 10 desserts de Pâques.

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