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Lent, What is it?

Are you looking for a little encouragement to help keep on the Lenten abstinence track? Perhaps you need to be reminded what Lent is, and Lent’s origin. And maybe you need some recommendations for chocolate-free desserts!


What is Lent?

We’re halfway into Lent right now. The Mardi Gras
pączkis and king cakes are long gone and you’re probably avoiding the candy aisle in the supermarket. Non-Christian friends may be asking “What is Lent?” and you’re struggling to answer because you’re craving cookies.

We’re here to encourage you to keep going! Lent is when we prepare for Easter, and Easter is almost here. It’s a time for prayer, penance, and almsgiving. You are not alone. Think about all the other Christians who have committed to going without certain luxuries in order to test self-discipline. This act aimed to replicate when Jesus went into the desert (not dessert!) for 40 days.

Temptation of Christ

Generally, people will choose to forfeit chocolates, sodas, and other sweets. Sometimes they’ll also give up swearing and social media use for 40 days…

If you gave up chocolate for Lent, you’re in luck. There’s a wide range of chocolate-free desserts we’re here to remind you of. This dessert resource will help you explore local bakery and dessert shop options to satiate the sweet callings and still practice self-discipline.

Chocolate-Free Desserts Options

Strawberries and Cream Image
Christian Vegetarianism

Perhaps you’ve chosen to abstain from meat, another traditional
Lenten sacrifice. Christian Vegetarianism is not an uncommon practise. It may apply to each Friday during the Lenten period but it can also apply to the full duration of Lent. If this is a once a year occurrence, you may need a little support from fellow dessert lovers. This is when we step in with our dietary preferences filter allowing you to check the desired boxes. Options include: low on sugar, paleo, raw, plus no artificial sweeteners. There’s also boxes for vegetarian and vegan dessert choices.

So hopefully we’ve answered the question: what is Lent? And in reminding you of the Lent origin helped you with your own self-discipline and Lenten sacrifices. Whether they be vegetarian or chocolate-free desserts.

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