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Explosive Banana Bread Cake

2021-02-23   ◆   2 minutes read

A banana bread cake needs little introduction. It is available in a handful of varieties, with chocolate chips, nuts, without eggs, without butter, moist, vegan, gluten-free or even paleo. No matter what, it’s always a delicious banana bread. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between banana bread and banana cake? Or what happens when the Mount Vernon Police call in the Columbus bomb squad… Read on to learn more.


Banana Bread Cake vs Banana Bread

there is a difference between the bread and cake. Banana cake is lighter and fluffier. Basically, with a more traditional butter cake batter. On the other hand, classic banana bread has a more dense consistency. It is also less sweet when compared to banana cake. If you’ve never had one, it’s worth trying a banana bread cake as they’re generally more moist than the bread. If you can believe anything can be more moist than an old fashioned banana bread.

It rose to popularity in the US during the 1930s with thanks to growing interest in baking soda and baking powder. Some historians attribute the popularity to frugal housewives during the Great Depression. Women refused to discard overripe bananas.

Woman Baking
Columbus Bomb Squad

Earlier this month, we learned about a
banana bread bomb scare in Mount Vernon. It stemmed from a call reporting two suspicious foil-wrapped packages at a local park. The packages were resting on a Phillip’s Park pavilion table. The Columbus Police bomb squad was recruited along with the special K-9 unit. According to staff writer, Grant Pepper: “In the end… the packages were found to be far more delicious than deadly; far more scrumptious than sinister.” He continues, “They were, in fact, two loaves of banana bread.”

Philips Park Sign

The first officer on the scene was MVPD Patrolman Matthew McDonald. According to his statement: “Based on my military background and experience with explosive devices, I observed these two items to be suspicious due to being wrapped in aluminum foil, which is commonly used to keep radio frequency out of the explosive devices.” Adding to the suspicious nature was the fact the park was empty. This was mostly in part due to the snow storm. Fortunately for the authorities, the bomb squad assistance came free-of-charge. Mount Vernon Police Chief Robert Morgan confirmed it had been years since the team had requested assistance from the squad and “It’s kind of a service Columbus graciously provides to the outlying area.”

What happened to the mysterious loaves? Sadly, they threw the banana bread out.

Eager for some 100% legitimate banana bread explosives-free? Try these banana bread options near you. If it’s a classic banana bread or a new twist on the delicious banana bread cake, tasting one will leave you satisfied.

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