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7 Plant-based Milk Options for Dairy Free Desserts

2020-08-22   ◆   2 minutes read

We’re going to look at the various plant-based milk alternatives available. A broad range of vegan and dairy free desserts that can present themselves if only we give them a chance. All of this is important to consider when you understand that consuming more plant-based materials reduces the demands for animal farming. Let’s begin by looking at some dairy-free milk options.

Soy Milk

Created by soaking and grinding soybeans,  boiling the mixture, and then filtering out remaining particulates. It’s the most widely available option. One fact you may not know, however, is this versatile option is almost as high in protein as cow’s milk. Therefore, you can use it in pretty much any recipe that requires dairy milk too. We can find it in vegan puddings and custards, even vegan cakes, muffins, and brownies. When you mix it with acidic ingredients like vinegar and lemon, soy milk’s leavening ability apparently results in superior crumb quality. Sounds good to us!

Almond Milk

With less protein than soy milk, almond milk does get points for its high calcium content. Unsweetened, it’s not only the healthiest of all the non-dairy milk options, but currently the most popular dairy milk alternative. Commonly found in smoothies and shakes, it’s also available in a number of ice cream flavours, pound cakes, and flans.

Cashew Milk

A relative newcomer to the alternative milk scene, it’s noted for its creaminess. While it is more expensive than other plant-based milks, cashew milk also creates a great base for puddings, shakes, ice creams, and even cheesecakes.

Coconut Milk

We know you’ve all been waiting for this one. A traditional cooking ingredient for a variety of Asian, African, and Caribbean countries, it didn’t really hit other parts of the world until times of colonialism. While fat content can vary significantly depending on which coconut milk you are using, its thicker canned option is often used for vegan mousse and whipped cream. Coconut milk can be turned into coconut caramel and coconut cheese, as well as coconut jams. Pick almost any dessert and there’s guaranteed to be at least one way to incorporate coconut milk.

Rice Milk

A little harder to come across, this option errs on the side of lightness when compared to the other kinds of milk, so certainly used less in the baking of cakes and muffins. Better dessert options for rice milk include puddings and smoothies. A good option for those with dairy and nut allergies. 


Hemp Milk

Said to be one of the more environmentally friendly choices, hemp milk comes from fast-growing plants that require little water. The product is described as buttery and nutty. Again, you’ll mostly see it in dairy-free desserts like puddings, but we have also seen hemp milk ice cream. Another good option for those with dairy and nut allergies.

Oat Milk

This is another environmentally friendly option. Like the last two milks, it’s a great choice for those with dairy and nut allergies. Leaning on the creamier side too, we’ve seen it used in ice creams, puddings, cakes, and mousse tarts. We’re especially eager to try it in pancakes and waffles!

While there are other options out there like flax milk, pea milk, pumpkin seed milk, peanut milk, and even potato milk, we’ll begin to wrap it up. As you can see, there’s a taste for almost every palate, and though some are more environmentally friendly than others, all of the milk options do contribute to a reduction in the agricultural demand placed on the land and animal stress. The bottom line is that plant-based milk can aid in reducing our carbon footprint, it’s healthier for us, and we don’t have to sacrifice our favourite desserts.

Why not try vegan dairy free desserts for World Plant-based Milk Day?

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