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What Millennials Think About Hazelnut Cake/Desserts?

Just as we have fashion trends, so too do we have food trends. We all remember the kale and the coconut water phases. But if you’re interested in the latest scoop on food product developers’ lips, we’re here to tell you… it’s hazelnuts! That’s right, hazelnut desserts and definitely hazelnut cake. In 2019, executives across various industries were asked their opinion. 87% indicated a positive outlook on the protein-rich nut over the next five years. But what does this mean for dessert lovers?


The Current Hazelnut Situation 


For starters, this indicates a much broader use of hazelnuts and a push for innovation in a currently underdeveloped food area within the US. We expect millennials to dive right into the hazelnut trend, exploring baking options along with many other applications. The applications at the top of the list, in order, include mixed nuts or trail nuts, baked goods, chocolate bars or candy, fruit and nut bars, salad dressings, and granola or muesli cereals. These will make very welcome additions to the current hazelnut uses such as praline and delicious truffles.


So, What Does This Indicate? 


The domestic supply of hazelnuts is growing rapidly as consumers prefer locally grown produce. Projections for expanding farming land indicate that they’re apparently going to double by 2025! This is exciting for hazelnut dessert fans. Especially those who are currently getting their hazelnut fix from European goods like Nutella and Frangelico. We have so many great dessert options as a result of these. The mind boggles trying to imagine what the future has in store!

Basically, if you love hazelnuts in baked treats, you have only good news on the horizon. Food makers are working hard to process hazelnut varieties into various ingredient forms. These include toasted and raw hazelnuts, or whole to finely ground meal. Imagine combining these innovative steps with the existing liqueurs, oils, and paste spreads. We’re surely going to have a plethora of hazelnut desserts to choose from every June when we celebrate National Hazelnut Cake Day!

Currently, Austria, Ukraine (Kiev), and France are a few countries that have their own specific hazelnut cakes and tortes. However, it’s only a matter of time before the North American foodies are on the scene making sweet hazelnut desserts. The research’s favourite flavour combinations being: chocolate, caramel, coffee, vanilla, sea salt, and coconut.

We here at Dessert Advisor can’t wait for more hazelnut desserts.

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