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Chocolate Desserts: Custard, Pudding and Mousse. What's the Difference?

2020-05-03   ◆   1 minute read

If you’re a chocolate fanatic, you have probably enjoyed a variety of decadent chocolate desserts. Chocolate cakes, chocolate bars, brownies, you’ve tried them all. But there are three that might make you puzzled: chocolate custard, pudding, and mousse. So what is the difference between these three sweets?

Custards and puddings have similar creamy textures, while mousses are very light. They are all dairy-based desserts. But the ingredient components differ from each other making them unique.


The Difference

Let’s start with the
custard. We can make custards by mixing a cream based liquid with eggs until thick. Once the mixture cools, it becomes solidified. Pudding has a similar structure but does not use egg in its ingredient repertoire. When we mix milk and sugar with cornstarch, we reach the desired thickness. Finally we combine whipped eggs with a milk and sugar base. This is very airy. Whipped cream can replace whipped eggs. Textures are really the main differentiating points of these three chocolate desserts. Custard is silkier, pudding is creamier, and mousse is lighter. They are all served cold.


Adding Chocolate

The word “mousse” is derived from a French word meaning “foam”. An accurate word to describe the texture of this dessert. Additionally, chocolate mousse is thought to have first originated in the 1700s with the first recipe for this dessert being recorded as early as 1750. Meanwhile,
chocolate pudding mixes date as far back as 1730. Chocolate custard, finally, dates back to sometime in the 19th century. So, these chocolatey delights have been being enjoyed for hundreds of years. Mostly by the wealthy class. Interestingly, puddings and custards were once promoted as having health benefits for children! This was in the late 19th century USA.

Of course, there are many different flavour varieties that we can attribute to these types of chocolate desserts, but as it is National Chocolate Custard Day, we are turning the spotlight on this particular dessert. Look for a variety of pudding and mousse desserts here. Whichever of these desserts is your usual choice, we can all agree that the multitude of differently textured chocolate treats make the dessert world go ‘round!

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