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Chocolate Hearts: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

2022-02-11   ◆   3 minutes read

Love is in the air! Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Chocolate hearts are a foolproof gift for your special person. Dessert Advisor prepared a list of delicious and beautiful hearts for this romantic season. Keep reading and find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Milk and White Chocolate Hearts
Chocolate hearts assortment

Where does this tradition of Valentine’s day gifts come from? 

The Valentine’s Day gift box made its first appearance in the 1840s. Courting (getting to know each other romantically) became a norm during the Victorian times. It was a standard to send beautiful cards and gifts to the person you were courting. It became a common practice, to the point that Cupid was associated with Valentine’s Day.

Cadbury heart-shaped box
Original Cadbury heart-shaped box in 1895 (WorthPoint)

With more chocolates being made and sent to loved ones, Richard Cadbury invented a recipe to improve the decadent chocolate flavour. Cadbury extracted the cacao butter from the cocoa bean. In 1868, Cadbury was the first to produce heart-shaped chocolate boxes for Valentine’s Day. He quickly understood the connection between love and sweets. These boxes were so beautifully designed that they became storages to store mementos (locks of hair, love letters). These boxes exist to this day and are preserved as family heirlooms.

Hazelnut Passion hearts
Hazelnut Passion hearts (Lecavalier-Petrone)

The different types of chocolate hearts

Chocolate hearts are a great way to show your love, without committing to a deeper and meaningful love (e.g., heart-shaped boxes). Chocolate hearts come in different types and flavours. There is a confectionary suited for everyone.

Wild at Heart Chocolate
WILD at HEART (SOMA Chocolatemaker)
  • Design: Chocolate hearts come in different looks. The most popular ones are smooth, covered with a layer of chocolate goodness. Sometimes, they can even be drizzled with vanilla chocolate, or even sprinkled with candied hearts. If you’re looking for more creative designs, chocolateries are re-inventing the standard. These days, geometric chocolate hearts are the craze! It’s elegant, yet gives a 3D feel to it. For a more interactive chocolate heart, smash boxes are perfect. Grab a tiny hammer and break it open! You’ll be surprised by the sweets hidden inside.
Chocolate Heart with Sprinkles
Valentine’s Day Smash Box (Decadence Chocolate)
  • Flavours: With the variety of designs available in the market, there are also a bunch of flavours to chocolate hearts. We all know (and love!) the classic milk and dark chocolates. They are foolproof and will certainly be enjoyed by everyone. But, if you want to spice up your chocolate options, there are other flavours to try. These can be caramel, mint, marzipan, cookies and cream, coconut… you name it! The creative boundaries for chocolate hearts are limitless. Take a look at a chocolate shop near you for Valentine’s day gifts!
Variety of Chocolate Hearts
Love Chocolates (Chocolatier Constance POPP)

Mould varieties for chocolate hearts

When it comes to Valentine’s day, the chocolates presented are distinct. During the month of February, you can only find heart shaped chocolates, and other special moulds. Let’s take a look!

Chocolate Hippo
Love Hippo (Chocolaterie Heyez)
  • Animals: What’s cuter than animal shaped chocolates? Chocolateries are constantly looking for unique designs. You can never go wrong with animal shaped chocolates! Especially when they’re holding a cute heart. Common animal designs are bears, dogs, hippos and frogs. There’s a shape for every animal lover. Don’t hold back and give your loved ones animal shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day!
  • Hearts: When we think of Valentine’s Day and the month of February, heart shaped confectionaries are the first things to pop in our heads. They hold a special meaning during this time of the year. Who doesn’t love receiving chocolate hearts? They come in all different types of shapes and sizes. You can never go wrong with chocolate hearts as a Valentine’s Day gift. Run to your nearest chocolate store to look at the different options! 
Diamond Chocolate Hearts
Diamond Hearts Collection (The Chocolate Lab)

Packaging for chocolate hearts

Packaging is very important when it comes to Valentine’s day gifts. It is the first thing that your special someone sees. Want to make a good impression? Heart-shaped boxes are the right call!

Chocolate Heart Box
Milk Chocolate Heart Box (Purdy’s)
  • Heart-shaped box: Heart-shaped boxes symbolizes a deeper and meaningful love. Typically, this Valentine’s Day gift is given to those who hold an important place in their heart. The box usually comes in either red, pink or white. But, chocolate shops also opt to use black or gold. The number of chocolates stored in a heart-shaped box varies: it can go from 5pcs to even 28pcs! Each piece of chocolate is designed uniquely. As soon as you open this heart-shaped box, you’re instantly met with the mouthwatering smell of chocolate hearts. 
Valentine's Box
Valentine’s box 7 Hearts (État de choc)

And that wraps it up! Your last minute shopping spree will not be as stressful. Look for chocolate hearts near you as a Valentine’s Day gift. Let’s spread love during this special month!

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