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Poppy Seed Cakes: Explore Your Sweet Options Today

2021-11-11   ◆   3 minutes read

Today, on November 11, we celebrate Remembrance Day, also known as Poppy Day. Every year, we take a day to honour our veterans who gave up their lives for us. Dessert Advisor will walk you through the special link of the poppy flower and Remembrance Day.  So, what’s so special about poppies?

iStock 1250288276
Poppy flowers on a bed of poppy seeds

Why are Poppy Flowers linked to Remembrance Day?


More than just a simple pin on clothing, the red poppy has been a significant symbol during Remembrance Day since 1920. 

Many Canadians know about the 13 line poem In Flanders Field written by Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae. After witnessing the death of his comrades, he took it upon himself to commemorate his fallen soldiers. During World War I on the fields in Flanders, France, red poppies sprouted on the tombs of the soldiers. It is believed that the heavy bombing increased the lime levels in the soil, making it more alkaline. Red poppies thrive in this environment. Once the ground was stripped of lime, they were no longer able to survive. To this day, red poppies symbolize peace, resilience and death. Curious about the history of poppy flowers and their other special effects? Make sure to read our article The Special Impact of Poppy Seeds.

iStock 458110715
Poppy flower pin on a soldier during Remembrance Day

Poppy Seed Desserts

While wearing poppy flowers during Remembrance Day, you can also enjoy delicious desserts made with poppy seeds! 

Let’s check out a few of the different desserts made out of poppy seeds:

  • Poppy Seed Cakes: Originating from Central Europe, this dessert is perfect to enjoy during the months of the autumn. This is typically made with lemon or apples. The fresh and zesty lemon electrifies the taste buds, as each bite melts in your mouth. The abundance of poppy seeds gives the cake a cute and freckled look, while delivering a sweet and nutty flavour to taste. Pair it with a cup of coffee or tea and you’re set! Craving for this flavoursome dessert? Look for poppy seed cakes here.
Poppy Seed Cake Blog Image. Image du blog gâteau au pavot.
Lemon Raspberry Poppy Seed Cake from Gala Bakery
  • Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins: If a cake isn’t your typical go-to-dessert, this poppy seed muffin will without-a-doubt satisfy your cravings! Made with the same ingredients as a poppy seed cake, this is an ideal dessert for on-the-go or as a light snack. With a variety of toppings, ranging from frosting, cream cheese to a glaze, this baking good is rich in fresh lemon flavours and is heightened with a burst of spicy and nutty flavours of a poppy seed. If you’re looking to enjoy this dessert, check out your local shops for poppy seed muffins.
image d0273c49 7b49 422e b81c da5fe063bce4 685x
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin from The Bikery
  • Poppy Seed Rolls: Up next, we have the poppy seed rolls. Dating its origins back from Hungary, this rich dense dessert is brimmed with a bittersweet poppy seed filling. Not to mention, this sweet is filled with health benefits! Poppy seeds are abundant in healthy fats, fiber and multiple micronutrients, especially manganese. You can enjoy a delicious poppy seed roll after a nice meal without any guilt. Explore local bakeries to look for poppy seed rolls near you.


  • Poppy Seed Bread, Buns & Bagels: The Challah is a traditional Jewish braided loaf, often topped with poppy seeds, perfect for a savoury snack. Its soft eggy dough is perfect for any occasion and great for sharing with family and friends. Smaller travel sized buns or bagels, which can have a similar harty experience, are also available for on-the-go. The poppy seed bagel and the everything bagel are found in many locations across Canada. All these options can be eaten plain or with delicious toppings like cream cheese or jams, for an extra kick of flavour.
Challah Poppy Seed from Breka 
  • Hamantaschen: Coming up next, we introduce you to hamantaschen. This triangular-shaped cookie is a favourite, especially during the Jewish festival Purim. It comes in various fillings, usually fruits, but the most popular is the poppy seed flavouring. Cooked in a tempered egg over low heat, the poppy seed filling slowly thickens resulting in a rich and creamy taste. The pungent taste of the poppy seeds is seamlessly combined with butter, milk, sugar and honey, creating a unique flavor to enjoy. Look for hamantaschen near you!

  • Poppy Seed Squares: To finish the list, we have poppy seed squares. They are soft, and are easy to eat. Tucked in between a crispy topping and a succulent base, the poppy seed fillings add a savoury and luscious taste. Due to the high fat portion and the lack of leavening of the dough, this results in a tender and crumbly crust. Commonly, the dark poppy seed filling is the main star, but various ingredients are added to compliment the taste. These could be the addition of almonds and fruits. Head on over to a local shop to look for poppy seed squares.


Poppy Seed Square
Poppy Seed Square from Swiss Bakery

Now that you’ve learned the special link of poppy flowers and Remembrance Day, it’s important to take time out of today to honour and memorialize our veterans. Appreciate the wonders of a poppy flower by enjoying poppy seed cakes and its other delicacies. Check out local bakeries near you.

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