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Olive oil cakes? For real?

2021-08-27   ◆   2 minutes read

You might have wondered while reading this blog’s title if there is actually such a thing as olive oil cakes. After all, it does sound a little strange, doesn’t it? We would probably associate olive oil with salad dressings, cooking and frying before desserts, but believe it or not, these cakes are the new hot trend these days. First, in terms of health benefits, this ingredient needs no introduction. Being beneficial for those with heart diseases, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, olive oil can replace butter if you’re avoiding dairy, which in turn eliminates saturated fat from desserts. Not only that, but it also has a wonderful aroma. It keeps cakes, breads and brownies moist and tender for a longer time, and the texture usually comes out fluffier. Some would say these cakes taste even better than if they were made with butter. This is why today, Dessert Advisor is diving into this new type of cake, hoping to add some fresh olive aroma into your treats.

Olive Oil Cakes Blog Image. Image du gâteaux à l'huile d’olive.
Beautiful olive oil cake and flower arrangement from Olove Cakes

As we speak, new olive cake bakeries are popping up around, usually headed by young bakers offering new kinds of desserts. Montreal’s Olove Cakes creates elegant and delicious olive cakes that come in many flavours, which you can order on their site. They infuse them with organic olive oil and notes of citrus, which caters perfectly to people who prefer lightly sweetened desserts. Also, they offer to pair your cake with a bouquet of dried flowers, which makes for a great present and an Instagram-worthy arrangement. In the same spirit, Baking Olive, a one-lady operation, delivers Italian-style olive oil cakes in Montreal. Topped with slices of dried lemon, you’ll feel as if you were spending an idyllic day on the Italian riviera.

Vanilla celebration olive oil cake at Jamelaa’s Sweets

If you live anywhere in Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton and Mississauga, have a look at Jamelaa’s Sweets, a bakery specialized in olive oil cakes, pastries and breads. Like Olove Cakes, they also offer cakes and dried flower pairings for you to spoil your family and friends. Their cakes come in many varieties, such as chocolate, vanilla, lemon, orange, chocolate and pumpkin spice. As well as the classic simple cake look, Jamelaa’s Sweets also makes celebration-style cakes with layers, frosting and elegant toppings. This bakery also makes a soft and moist olive oil bread that is perfect for anyone, baked daily.

Lemon olive oil cake at Le Gateau Bakeshop

For those in Vancouver, Wild Culture Bakery is the place to go for traditional, French-style breads. Their bakers use only natural and organic ingredients, and the artisanal quality is always guaranteed. Their menu goes from breads to pizzas and sweets, including an olive oil layer cake. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available. Also in Vancouver, Le Gateau Bakeshop has created a decadent lemon olive oil cake. It is a moist lemon cake with lemon curd, mascarpone mousse and blackberries, with the characteristic moistness of olive oil cakes. Many of their cakes come in the lemon olive oil flavour, so you can browse their selection of pretty decorated cakes and choose between pink macaron, unicorn, donut drip and plenty of other styles!  

We hope this adventure has made you as excited to try olive oil cakes! Whether you’d like to make a great impression with cake and flower arrangements or intricate cake designs, or looking to try a new kind of dessert, you won’t go wrong with Dessert Advisor’s selections of fantastic bakeries across the country. 

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