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What's a Hockey Player Diet Like During Playoffs Time?

2021-05-07   ◆   2 minutes read

Does a hockey player diet include sweets? It’s almost playoffs time and we’re looking at big appetite desserts for big name hockey players!  We’re taking our cues from the biggest legend of all, Wayne Gretzky. Like most players, he enjoyed a pre-game steak. But what would The Great One eat for dessert? Find out and make it your playoff snack!

In this brief clip, Gretzky discusses his routine and what it was like competing at a time when energy drinks and power bars hadn’t come to the market yet. He talks about having trained from a young age, fitting meals between his schooling and training, and having to adapt when he went pro. 


Hockey Player Diet: Wayne Gretzky’s Pre-Game Dessert

Some things never change, though, as
one Redditor reveals commenting on Mike Keenan’s decision to switch Team Canada’s diet to chicken and broccoli. While the original meal plan may not strike you as a conventional athlete or hockey player diet, “at the time, the Edmonton Oilers pre-game was steak, potatoes, and an ice cream sundae for dessert”. Including Gretzky, there were five Oilers on the Canada Cup roster, and none of them were too pleased about the new meal plan. The moment the players saw the chicken and broccoli, Gretzky marched back into the kitchen and asked for 25 orders of steak, potatoes, and sundaes for dessert. The team continued eating Gretzky’s meal choice for the rest of the tournament…and it sure didn’t stop them from taking home the championship!

Gretzky is not the first hockey player to be a fan of ice cream, as Maurice “Rocket” Richard’s wife Lucille confirmed in this article from 1959. The Montreal Canadiens’ pre-game meal consisted of a filet mignon, a potato, another vegetable, and tomato juice. If they were lucky, this was sometimes followed by fruit or ice cream. “For sixteen years, I have been fixing the same food, sixteen years… Sixteen years!” Lucille exclaims. Who knew ice cream could be a lucky playoff snack!

Wayne Gretzky Restaurant
Wayne Gretzky’s which closed last fall (Instagram: Waynegretzkysto)
What Desserts Does a Hockey Legend Serve When He Opens a Restaurant?

In 1993,
Wayne Gretzky opened a restaurant in downtown Toronto. Sadly, it closed its doors last October to make room for a high-rise condo development. In their 27 years of operation, their steaks, wings, and burgers were followed by four main desserts we wish we could still order:

Colossal Chocolate Cake
The Colossal Chocolate Cake (Joey Devilla)
  1. Sticky Toffee Pudding – served with salted caramel and Wayne’s Whiskey crème anglaise

  2. Colossal Chocolate Cake – a five layered slice served with two gigantic balls of caramel corn

  3. Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich – a chocolate fudge waffle with maple ice cream and Ontario honey

  4. Churros Con Cajeta – cinnamon sugar dusted churros served with sweet Mexican dulce de leche

Would You Eat Like a Hockey Player?

There’s no disputing the legendary status held by Wayne Gretzky. But what desserts do hockey players making a name for themselves favour today? Sidney Crosby is certainly one player to watch. While he admits to having cheat meals that include
cake and donuts, he’s an advocate of Maritime produce. “I prefer to eat local, organic food… Especially in the summer in Nova Scotia, where there is so much beautiful produce.”

Hockey players can burn 3,000 to 4,000 calories in just one game. Yes, one game! All things considered, it’s little surprise that a hockey player’s diet would be as varied as anyone else’s. One thing’s for sure, we understand why players like Wayne Gretzky would like to eat whatever dessert they want. And if it’s a slice of five-layer Colossal Chocolate Cake, even better! Here’s hoping he opens another restaurant in the near future. In the meantime, here’s where you can find chocolate cake of varying layers and calories near you for a sweet playoff snack. Feeling more like ice cream? Look here.

Hockey Player Diet Blog Image. Image du blog dessert sportif.

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