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Chocolate Covering on Everything

2020-12-16   ◆   2 minutes read

Chocolate covering is not a new concept. We’ve all had chocolate dipped strawberries, peanuts, pretzels, and coffee beans. But what about the more exotic options, like chocolate coated insects, or perhaps chocolate coated bacon? Let’s start thinking outside the chocolate box this Christmas! See what else we can learn about chocolate topped snacks and where to find them.

It appears there’s no limit as to what we can coat with chocolate. Common chocolate coated foods can include caramel apples, marshmallows, and nuts.  We also have fresh, candied, and dehydrated fruits made from berries and orange slices. This gets us thinking more broadly about delicious chocolate truffles, cookies, and even doughnuts and cakes.  These can have chocolate drizzled on top and can be further decorated with nuts, sprinkles, and salt.


Sweet and Salty Chocolate Covering Combos


Speaking of salt, we mustn’t forget chocolate covering individual potato chips, which is a popular snack in North America. Executive Sweets introduced chocolate covered potato chips to the world in the mid-80. They still sell them today, along with other hand-dipped chocolate snacks like Oreos and pretzels! Basic-flavoured chips work best with the milk or dark chocolate. And, generally, ridged potato chips are used as they’re stronger and have a greater surface area – for more chocolate!

Another savoury treat that lends itself well to chocolate is nice, crispy bacon. A reasonably new combination, but some of you may remember the season 14 episode of The Simpsons. In it, Homer is driving along the highway and prays to God for a new snack. Simultaneously, a tanker of hot chocolate fudge and a truck of “Johnny Bench’s Pre-Cooked Bacon” crash into each other. Then a fudge covered bacon strip lands on Homer’s windscreen. Homer gobbles it up before stating, “Move over eggs. Bacon just got a new best friend… fudge”.

This sort of thing shows us how even accidental combinations with chocolate can seem heaven sent. You’ll soon find anything can be chocolate dipped, especially if you have access to a chocolate fountain. We’ve all seen them, whether it be in person or in movies and tv shows. These billowing chocolate fondue machines typically stand 50-130cm high. But if you ever find yourself in Allhaming, Austria, you can see award-winning chocolatier Helmut Wenschitz’s 12.27m chocolate fountain in all its glory!


The Mechanisms of Fountains for Chocolate Covering 


How does a chocolate fountain work? A heated base keeps the chocolate in liquid state, which is drawn into a central tube with an Archimedes screw. A pump causes the screw to turn,forcing the liquid chocolate to go to the top of the fountain.Finally, it cascades down in a delicious waterfall fashion. A Candian company actually popularised the device that Americans would adapt and introduce to the hotel and resort industry, and further popularise by catering events. Commercial fountains can contain up to 15kg of chocolate, while domestic models generally hold less than 3kg of chocolate. Rich couverture chocolate is the preferred chocolate as it’s higher in cocoa butter and guarantees a smoother flow.t But it is also common to add vegetable oil.

Whether you’re using a chocolate fountain these holidays or not, we hope we’ve given you some new gift ideas.  Maybe surprise your friends and family who love to find chocolate covering anything and everything! Here’s where you can find chocolate dipped, drizzed, and coated goodies near you.

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