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Scary Candies and Spooky Treats for Halloween

2020-10-28 (Updated  2022-10-25)  ◆ 2 minutes read

When was the last time you slept with the light on? After you read our list of 10 spooky treats and Halloween scary candies, you might do just that! Brace yourself as we dive headfirst into the latest and greatest for this Halloween spooky season. While we’ve already compiled a list of healthy Halloween candy and allergen-free Halloween candy, this dive into this no holds barred run down of some pretty creepy jack-o-lantern-worthy candies. In no particular order, we present the following:

Classic Halloween candies
Classic Halloween candies

Spooky Treats

1. Candylabs’ Spooky Eyeballs

These passionfruit flavoured treats are a fun way to get some fresh and crunchy treats this Halloween! Candylab is a Montreal-based company who designs and handcrafts (video) all their candy from scratch. They release limited time treats for some holidays, like Halloween, and this one is vegan, nuts-free, peanuts-free, and dairy-free. We’ve certainly got our eyes on this spooky candy!

Spooky Eyeballs from Candylabs
Spooky Eyeballs from Candylabs
The spooky snakes of Haribo
The spooky snakes of Haribo

2. Haribo Twin Snakes

This gummy creation combines two coiled snakes, one sweet, the other sour! Designed to be eaten at once, or pulled apart, they come in six wild flavours including cherry + orange, apple + lemon, and blueberry + blackcurrant. Available in a variety of sizes. Munch them before they bite your tongue!

3. Hershey’s Halloween Kisses

Once you’ve had the satisfaction of piercing one of these classic milk chocolate kisses and releasing the delicious red liquid, strawberry creme filling, it’s easy to see why you get addicted to it, like a vampire. Suck this red liquid to join the vampire family! 

Spooky vampire Hershey's kisses
Take a bite out of Hershey!
Halloween props from Hersheyland
Halloween props from Hersheyland

4. Hershey Halloween Props

Blur the line between spooky and silly with these delicious Halloween props! Made of the classic Hershey milk chocolate, hold these chocolates up to your face and disguise your identity. No one will know it was you who got all the best candy in town.

5. Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Bats

Halloween is incomplete without these iconic decorations, ghouls, and beasts. And if you’re a fan of peanut butter and chocolate, this assortment of ooky spooky Reese’s cups is for you. Unwrap them if you dare… 

A bowl of spooky peanut butter assortments from Hersheyland
A bowl of spooky peanut butter assortments from Hersheyland
A delicious assortment of, you guessed it - bats and bones from Sweet Maple Candies
A delicious assortment of, you guessed it – bats and bones from Sweet Maple Candies

6. Sweet Maple Candies Bats and Bones

These Halloween scary candies are available in the colours of black, orange, and white. This collection of bats and bones is the perfect addition to a spooky sack. Bloody Bones, Dingbats, and Zebra Bones are additional alternatives if you don’t want to mix your bats and bones.

7. Squish Brain Freeze

Icy blue brain gummies that taste like blueberries with blue liquid centers that explode when you bite into them! These 120g bags are also available as sugar coated Blizzard Brains, and regular sweet and sour strawberry Brains. Squish is another Montreal-founded candy company that proves time again that you don’t have to be a kid to love candy.

A cluster of brain freezes from Squish
A cluster of brain freezes from Squish
Extra-terrestrial candies from Squish
Extra-terrestrial candies from Squish

8. Squish Vegan Alien Invasion

It can be easy for someone to overlook aliens this time of year. If you’re not careful, these vegan gummies with natural colours (from blackcurrant, black carrot, and tumeric) will abduct your tastebuds. They’re available in four sizes, the largest of which is a whopping 2kg. Thanks, Squish!

9. Kit Kat Breaking Bones

The satisfying crunch of the classic Kit Kat wafer takes on a whole other meaning with this spooky white creme version. Their individual format makes them perfectly sized for popping in a trick-or-treat bag, or keeping in your pocket to pull out when needed.

Skeleton packaging for Halloween at Hersheyland
Skeleton packaging for Halloween at Hersheyland
A cute new little house by Nestle
A cute new little house by Nestle

10. Nestle Haunted House Kit

Kit Kat and Smarties have come together to create an adorable and fun buildable Haunted House! Create a beautiful new (and delicious) home for this new family in the neighbourhood of Halloween classic monsters such as Frankenstein, a witch, a mummy, a bat, or a vampire. Made of dark and milk chocolate Kit Kat bars, decorate this house to your taste with orange and black Smarties and orange icing. Happy haunting!

If you’re interested in more wholesome and healthy Halloween options or allergen-free Halloween alternatives, we remind you of these two posts. Don’t worry, we promise you’ll find some scary candies for Halloween, like brains and worms over there as well. But if this list was everything you desired, we’ll leave you to enjoy Halloween spooky candies.

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