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Best Cookies for the Cookie Monster's Favourite Holiday

2020-10-01   ◆   2 minutes read

Sometimes the best cookies are the ones we make at home. We can add extra chocolate chips and we can avoid the ingredients we don’t want. We can even shape them using our favourite cookie cutters. No wonder there’s an entire day dedicated to them! But maybe you’re missing some ingredients in the pantry? Read on to explore the world of cookies outside of your apartments and houses.

You can dunk them in tea or make ice cream sandwiches out of them. However, we all have a special flavour that makes us shift into Cookie Monster Mode and able to only utter, “om nom nom nom!” So what’s your favourite flavour? Is it the classic chocolate chip cookie courtesy of Ruth Graves-Wakefield, or perhaps something a little more fancy like a brightly coloured strawberry macaron? Maybe it’s something more crunchy and ginger-filled, such as the gingerbread cookie?


Cookies For All Tastes

In a post dedicated to homemade cookies, we haven’t forgotten those with dietary requirements. We’re incredibly lucky these days to have a variety of
plant-based cookie options. Some even use vegan marshmallows so you can get your s’mores fix. We’re also pleased to share a growing list of gluten-free cookie options. If dairy-free is more your style, no worries, we have a few sumptuous suggestions.

Maybe you have a big appetite and you’re after something you can really sink your teeth into. In that case, we offer these suggestions for chewy oatmeal cookies near you. To learn more about the courageous Scots marching through the war fields in the 14th-century with tins of dried oats, read our previous blog post on The Art of Chewy Oatmeal Cookies.

Okay, before we wrap it up, we know most people have their cookies with a cup of tea or coffee. But what about cookies that have tea included as an ingredient? Kind of gives new meaning to the term smart cookie! These tea leaf inspired cookies will take you on a journey to the land of the rising sun. There’s a gentle matcha green tea flavour if you’re yet to try it baked into a sweet dessert. But realistically, there are hundreds of ingredients as simple as lemon zest that can instantly shift an ordinary cookie into cookie overdrive. Lucky for you, to merely mention the dream ingredient in our ultimate cookie search is sure to validate your flavour fantasies and introduce you to your new favourite cookie that’s easy walking distance from your home.

While good cookies like your grandmother’s are indispensable, her cookie jar may be too far away from you. In which case, the local bakery makes a pretty good substitute. Enjoy your best cookies wherever you may find them!

Best Cookies Blog Image. Image du Blog Meilleurs Biscuits.

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