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The White Chocolate Bars Are on Me!

2020-09-28   ◆   2 minutes read

We keep thinking of white chocolate bars, and more broadly, white chocolate desserts. We know we should move on, but we can’t get enough! Maybe it’s the Milkybar kid commercials we grew up watching. If you grew up with the European alternative, Galak, maybe you’re familiar with Japanese-French anime character, Zoom the White Dolphin. Either way, we need a little more white chocolate in our lives.

White chocolate, as versatile as milk and dark chocolate, is available in all the same forms: bars, ganaches, and truffles. Also blondies, tarts, and ice creams. Because white chocolate is more sweet, this allows it to pair very well with more acidic fruits. These can include lemons and oranges, or tart fruits like cranberries and blackberries. Interestingly, the sweetness can also complement very sweet fruits, including grapes, melons, and peaches.

White Chocolate in Various Sweets 

Some white
chocolate bonbons we’ve come across feature refreshing flavours from Southeast Asia proving even further versatility on the part of white chocolate. Think white chocolate with coconut and pandan, or a yuzu infused white chocolate ganache for a sweet and savoury explosion. Even a creamy white chocolate ganache, with lemongrass, coconut milk, lime, ginger, and bird’s eye chilis. In the old commercials, a simple Milkybar was all kids needed to win shooting competitions set in the Wild West and to defeat the bad guys in outer space. So, this demonstrates just how important white chocolate can be under certain circumstances. Imagine how many villains a Kid could defeat with one of these!

Also, we can’t forget about cookies. For fans of the deadly triple chocolate cookie and the Italian biscotti with coffee, white chocolate works perfectly with macadamias or hazelnuts and almonds for a little extra crunch! White chocolate cakes can be just as scrumptious as cookies and bonbons, too. Take any one of these white chocolate cakes suitable enough for a high tea with Queen Elizabeth or Victoria!

Speaking of white chocolate desserts, white chocolate bars, and women, did you know New Zealand was the first country to introduce a female Milkybar kid? That’s right, in 2010 they cast Maori Hinetaapora Short to dress as a cowgirl and declare, “The Milkybars are on me!” Just another reason to love New Zealand.

White Chocolate Bars - White Chocolate Desserts - Dessert Advisor

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