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Ideas for Father's Day Brunch?

2020-06-18   ◆   3 minutes read

Ahead of Sunday’s festivities, we’ve decided to explore some Father’s Day brunch ideas. These are almost guaranteed to secure you first place for the position of favourite child. Be the envy of your siblings when you bypass the usual eggs Benny and present a sweet smorgasboard of delights. Your paternal hero will be wondering when they last went to the dentist!

This Father Day brunch special is broken down into three parts. We include old favourites such as pancakes and waffles, as well as Viennoiserie like croissants. Of course, if they go ape at the mention of bananas, we discuss some more healthy brunch options like fresh fruit parfaits. But dad jokes aside, no matter their sweet preference, Dessert Advisor has you covered.


Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast


Let’s begin with the classic pancakes, also known as hotcakes, griddle cakes, or flapjacks. This breakfast treat needs little introduction and is most often accompanied by butter, maple syrup, fruit, or Nutella. What’s great about the pancake is it’s universal appeal. With numerous regional variations, if your pops has Scottish heritage, why not give him the gift of buttermilk pancakes. Or perhaps he’s from Pakistan, so why not take the rishiki path with a delicious river of honey? Even puffy Ebelskivers doughnuts from Denmark filled with his favourite jam/jelly/confiture could be sublime, regardless of whether you have Danish lineage or not… The other beautiful thing about the pancake is, just as there are countless geographic versions, there exist many flour, egg, and milk substitutes to meet any dietary requirements. Win-win.

Had pancakes last weekend, though? No worries. Other friends of the pancake include waffles, crepes, and even French toast. Belgian waffles would give you an excellent excuse to tuck into some Belgian chocolate, but maybe your inner pyromaniac wants an excuse to use flambé crêpes Suzette for your beloved next Sunday! Not sure about pulling out a lighter before your coffee’s had a chance to kick in? Well, we understand. We’ll remind you that a person can’t go wrong with the combination of butter and maple syrup on French toast!




We’ve seen some fancy versions of French toast that even use day-old croissants. This is a wonderful idea, but if you prefer fresh pastries and Viennoiserie no one will complain. In this category we include brioche, pain au chocolat, and other goodies like Danish pastries. Versions more familiar to Northern Europe and North America would be the melt-in-you-mouth cinnamon buns and cinnamon crescents, which are perfect to pack into a to-go bag, assuming there are any left. Hey, speaking of cinnamon, don’t forget the Portuguese churros that can be dipped in ooey-gooey chocolate sauce! These are a perfectly acceptable breakfast option if your father is planning to put on his explorer hat later and celebrate Father’s Day by kayaking, boating, or jet skiing on a local waterway.


Savoury Brunch


On the note of exercise, we’ll soon move onto some healthy Father’s Day brunch choices. But first we must spare a moment for the savoury preferring dads out there. Of course, they could add ham and cheese to their croissants and French toast. They might even go weak at the knees if you dish up a plate full of savoury buttermilk biscuits or scones complete with sausage gravy à la Southern cuisine! But perhaps you could convert him to becoming a dessert aficionado with bacon candied with maple syrup or blackberry jam? Just think about it.


Oats and Fruits


Can’t tempt him with waffles, churros, or Danish doughnut puffs filled with jam? Perhaps he’s a morning oats kind of guy. No judgment there. Old fashioned porridge or oats are as classic as pancakes. These can also be accompanied by any seasonal fruit you can think of. If you want to get fancy, you could deconstruct the components and reassemble them into a stunning parfait display. This involves layering granola, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and nuts. The same can be said for chia pudding, which is easier on the old teeth if that’s a consideration. What’s even easier is a delicious, filling drink using all of these ingredients but mixed on the blender smoothie setting for a couple of minutes. Ideal for the ‘up-and-go’ kind of father.

So, that’s all the bases covered. You’ll have plenty to mull over before making the decision on how to spoil your pops next Sunday. If you’re having trouble narrowing it down to one, and not feeling too competitive, you can always join forces with your siblings to divide and conquer a combination of these Father’s Day brunch ideas… Happy brunching!

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